Are you an aspiring candidate dreaming to pursue a career in Information technology? Well, for that you will have to work hard and prepare yourself to fit in the position.

You can enroll in IT professional courses, which have a splendid career path. The top 5 IT courses are enlisted below to help you choose a booming career for your future.



Cisco Certified Network Associate (Professional) is a certification provided by Cisco for network engineering. This course helps you understand about

  • LAN and WAN designs
  • Routers and other protocols
  • IP addressing
  • Virtual LAN and wireless WAN
  • Other network security and repairs


CISSP is the abbreviation of Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This course is for information security and mitigation. CISSP emphasizes on the below points in the course

  • Access control systems
  • Application and system security
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Laws, rules, policies and regulations in information security
  • Security and risk management
  • Physical security

A CISSP certified professional can help the organization safeguard the applications, software’s and any other confidential information from being hacked by others. They analyze and mitigate the risks proactively saving the organization from future crisis.


Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer helps you in designing and developing infrastructure for Microsoft windows. It also involves planning, designing, installation, configuring and troubleshooting of network systems for business solutions. MCSE has many sub divisions within and you can choose whichever is suitable for your career.

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Private Cloud
  • Desktop Infrastructure
  • Data Platform
  • Messaging
  • Business Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Sharepoint

Of these, MCSE server infrastructure seems to be more sought after by aspiring IT professionals.

VM Ware Certified Professional

VM ware is the leader in the virtualization industry. It provides virtualization support for more than 250,000 companies and organizations. VM ware follows certain rules and certifications in virtualizing.

VCP is the certification provided by VM ware, which focuses on its virtualization products. This course enables the candidate to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot VM ware servers. This also requires additional skills such as networking, security and installing the servers.


CompTIA A+ and network+ are two popular courses, which are popular in the networking domain. CompTIA A+ is a certification for entry level PC service technicians. This provides more knowledge about installation, maintenance, customization and usage of personal computers.

CompTIA network+ is the middle level certification issued to network engineers. This course helps the candidates to know about configuring and supporting IP / TCP clients for network designs, hardware setup, and configuring, installing and troubleshooting issues.

Both the certifications are provided by Computer Technology Industry Association, which has provided universal set of guidelines and ethics to be followed by all organizations.

The above courses open up a vast number of career opportunities for the candidates. Many companies are in need of candidates with these certifications. So, grab the right opportunity and make hay while the sun shines. Enroll in one of these courses as per your requirement and skill and get your dream job in IT.

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