How To Create A Quality Website Without Selling The Roof
Idea – Courtesy of Shutterstock

Obviously, there are a great number of possibilities online for creating websites. Some of these are quite expensive and basically amount to hiring an entire team to build the site for you. But it’s not all that necessary to spend all of your money just getting your website up. There are many cheap tools available online that will help you create the website that will be perfect for your needs. Here are a few examples if you’re looking to build your own website.

This site allows you to create your own free website in just about the simplest way possible. The “drag and drop” style it uses is a lot more intuitive than other sites, especially for those who are new to website design. The interface means that you won’t have to worry about the code or programming aspects of web design either, which can be time consuming to learn and not worth it in many cases. The site is flash-based and the site you create will be off the Wix domain. You can get your own domain through the site, but for an additional charge per year.


Intuit will let you have full customization for your website without having to bother with an entire HTML team.  This company is the same one that produces products like Turbo Tax and the program Quicken.  The main benefit to creating a site through this tool is that they have a strong customer service that can help with your questions and guide you through the process if you’ve never done it before.


Moonfruit focuses on templates that make it easier to get started with your site. This service also has a free version with a requirement of paying an extra fee per month if you want your own unique site.  One thing that’s unique about this service is that it focuses on making your site SEO friendly in a way that many other sites just let you deal with on your own.

Edge Animate

Another option that focuses more on the development side instead of the creation and hosting is Edge Animate. It’s a fact that people on the Internet aren’t exactly known for their incredibly long attention spans or tendency to read long essays of pages and pages. This means that quick and flashy ways of getting people’s attention online is often ideal.  This program allows you to create animated web content that you can then put on your site. Animations tend to draw the eye, and if someone is quickly surfing by your site, this is the kind of thing that will make them pause and actually look around, which is what you often really need for your brand.

Overall, business tools for website creation are only as effective as the time and effort you put into them. There’s no reason to get discouraged if they are a little difficult at first to learn, the effort you put into a website builder will be well worth it when you create a top notch site.