Bedroom is that cozy space of a home where we look forward to retire to after the end of a hectic day. It is that place where we want to snuggle into a comforter on a feather-touch mattress, have a sound sleep and rise up refreshed and energized to welcome a brand new day. We love to adorn our home and especially its living area and ignoring bedroom and kitchen. Quite often, bedroom remains as the most poorly decorated room in the home especially when we have invested all of our funds that have been kept out for decorating on the rest of the home. The bedroom is usually the last room that we think about decorating. The aim of this blog is to give you some easy tips on pepping up the aesthetically appeal of your bedroom, particularly if you have a large bedroom.

Quick Tips To Revamp The Look Of Your Bedroom

To begin from the scratch, if you have a large bedroom and you want to pep it up in contemporary style than think about putting up a mattress and adding an over sized Indian contemporary art in place of a headboard. Complete the look by placing some night stands. This prepares the frame work that you should keep in mind while decorating the entire room. While looking to create bedding set, it is recommended that you opt for neutral colors. By doing so, you won’t get tired of the overwhelming colors of paintings and bold accents that we want you to introduce in your bedroom. Bring accents that complement the headboard that you have created using a brilliant Indian contemporary art. While throwing in some accents, make sure not to overpower the theme by bringing in riots of color. As far as pillow goes, we suggest stick to the golden rule that recommends the usage of three pillows. A lot of people don’t like a lot of pillows and cushions on their bed, so usually three will do the job. You can choose the size based on your preferences and also, on the size of your bed.

Another thing you can do to bring artworks in your room without disturbing the existing setup is to create small vignettes. By vignettes we mean creating little sections in the bedroom that have their own intended purpose and accentuating them by placing small pieces of Indian contemporary art. For example, if you have a dresser then you can create an entire section dedicated for dressing up, a place where you can keep your perfume in and jewelry. To add a little detail, consider creating a table vignette on dresser by placing a small artwork, some books, few trinkets and a potted plant to bring a lease of life.

If you are someone who does not like to dress up, then we have another option for you to pep the idle space in your bedroom. Consider having a section in your bedroom that can be turned into a dedicated seating area ideal for two. However, if the space in your bedroom doesn’t allow for that then place at least one club chair complemented with a small table to create a nice little reading nook where you can unwind before the day is up. You can hang a painting or framed sketch or picture on the wall against which you are planning to create the seating space.

While all these options have to do with introducing a new artwork or a piece of furniture in your room, the last thing that we want to cover up in this blog is about playing with an effect which is already there. Yup, you got us right. We are talking about lighting. After all, lighting makes all the difference. So, if you want to transform your bedroom into a romantic corner then put your lighting on a dimmer. It is really romantic and very warm and friendly to have a bedroom with dim lighting. If Dim light is not your cup of tea, then add a romantic European touch by bringing in a chandelier. Make sure you get one that is really blinged up and creates a lot of romance and drama. Incorporating some of these tips will surely make your bedroom your own personal haven. Until next time, happy decorating and don’t forget to live with style.