There is no wonder why Leeds is such a popular city for students. One of the reasons for this is that it is very affordable to live in. It also has fantastic nightlife that can be considered a cheap night out, making it a very enjoyable experience for students. However, there is much more to Leeds than just brilliant nightlife.

Restaurants and Cafes

Leeds is full of restaurants and cafes that are an affordable option for students to get food. Firstly, you have a student favourite for campus lunch, Bakery 164. It is great for fresh bakes and freshly made sandwiches, making it a cost-effective and quality lunch. 


If you want something more filling, you have Dough Boys Pizza and Patty Smith’s burger bar. Belgrave is another popular area amongst students because it is great for cheap food and suitable for a quieter drink. Sometimes, you don’t always want to go to bars that play music where you can barely hear your friends. It is why Belgrave, which has both Patty Smiths and Dough Boys, is a great place to go to. 


If you want to get your head down and aren’t in the student library, head to either Laynes Espresso or Kapow Coffee are great coffee shops. These are great places to enjoy quality coffee without paying too much. 


As mentioned earlier, there are many places to party and drink with friends. For starters, you have Otley Run. It is well-known across the UK and it is very common with students. You also see many people dressed up when doing the pub crawl so don’t be a party pooper and get dressed up yourself. 


Two very common pubs are the Dry Dock and the Library. Not only will you enjoy affordable pints here but also cheap food, giving you the best of both worlds. If you need a drinking pond for a Sunday where you can enjoy a roast, Brunswick is the perfect spot for students. 


Leeds is also popular for Bongo’s Bingo, a more entertaining game of bingo where you can enjoy a drink. If you want a fun and entertaining game, Bongo’s Bingo is the perfect place for a night. 


At the start and the end of the academic year, you can guarantee the sun will be out. Therefore, you need to find a spot where you can enjoy the sunshine. Roundhay Park is a great spot where you can enjoy the sun and get away from the concrete jungle in the city. 


If you are willing to travel further outside of the city then you can as there are some great parks to enjoy with your friends. One of those is Ilkley which is just a 30-minute train journey from the centre. Plus, you have the chance to hike up Ilkley Moor where you can see some stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales. 


If you want to go where all the other students are going then you have to go to Hyde Park. To be honest, this is probably the most likely option for you as it is easy to get to. Plus, you can guarantee all the other students from the other four universities in this fantastic city. 


One of the main reasons why so many people go to Leeds University is because of the fantastic greenery around the city. There is more to the city than just the concrete jungle where you go to University every day. 


Another great thing about Leeds is the sports venue they have there. There is a sport for everyone! With Football, you have Leeds United football where you can enjoy football nearly every weekend whilst you are at University. For those Rugby lovers, you have Leeds Rhinos, one of the greatest teams in Rugby league. It doesn’t end there, you also have Yorkshire County Cricket Club to see some of the best athletes in the sport such as England international Joe Root. If you want to make some new friends, Hyde Park hosts a weekly event where you can go running with other students. 


There are many things you can do in Leeds with sport. It is one of the best student cities there is when it comes to sports. There is no better time to make new friends than with those who enjoy participating in sports like yourself. 


Another reason why so many students pick Leeds is because of the numerous places where you can shop. There is no better feeling than the student loan dropping in your bank. Then you pay your rent for the semester. Once you have done that, you can see the hundreds of pounds left in your bank account. There is no better time to head into town and enjoy the many shopping centres in Leeds


Going on a spending spree is a great feeling for a student. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting new clothes or buying more natural skin care products to improve your beauty collection. That is why Leeds is great as there are so many different places to shop until you drop. 


What To Do In Leeds 

Leeds is full of many things to do as well that don’t involve eating out or drinking with friends. Leeds is full of culture and history and can see all of this in the Leeds City Museum. Then you have the Leeds Art Gallery which is free entry. 


For the movie lovers, there are plenty of cinemas to watch blockbuster movies. Not to mention the last gas-lit cinema in the UK, Hyde Park Picture House. 


There are many other things you can do in Leeds as well. The Kirkgate Market is one of those where you can enjoy food from every cuisine. Not to mention it is one of the best spots for budget-friendly food. 

Thrifty Shop

As a student, you are always looking for constant deals. That is why Leeds is another fantastic spot for University students because it is full of charity shops where you can find yourself a bargain. Plus, vintage clothing is a great opportunity to find affordable clothes which are branded. There is nothing better than wearing branded clothing which you bought for less than £20.     


There are many reasons why you should go to university in Leeds. One of the main reasons is affordability. The other reason is the fantastic nightlife the city has to offer, not to mention the many sports venues which you can visit. 


There are plenty of places to live in Leeds which are affordable. It is another reason why people want to be a student in Leeds, because of the affordable accommodation. The positives of Leeds are endless which is why the city is so great.