Getting ready to have your car shipped to Michigan by professionals? You’ve understood how the service works, which is also explained on this page, you’ve understood the importance of selecting the right company to provide you with the service, and you’ve most likely gone through that searching process already. Having selected the perfect company, you may be under the impression that your work is done, and that you can relax completely and leave the rest to the professionals.

Well, that’s not completely wrong. Hiring the right company for this job is the most significant part of the process and once you get it done, you’ll absolutely be able to take a breather and relax. Yet, there are a few things that are still your responsibility here, and those are not to be ignored. To cut right to the chase, you have to get your car ready for the transportation to Michigan.

While the part of actually driving and transporting the vehicle is up to the pros, the part of getting it properly prepared for the road is up to you. Can you think of anything you have to do so as to prepare the vehicle? Do you know which steps to take there, or are you completely confused about it, given that you’ve never used these services in the past?

If you’re completely at a loss about what to do, don’t worry. I’ll list the steps for you below. And, even if you do know about a few things that have to be done in the preparation stage, you should still go through this list, aiming at ensuring that you’ll do everything that’s up to you, and that you won’t forget one thing or another.

Even if you’re taking a road trip, you’ll still need to prepare the car:

  1. Prepare the Documents

The auto transporters you’ll choose to work with will have to see some proof that the actual vehicle is yours. If you don’t get the necessary documents prepared on time, you may cause some shipment delays. Searching through the glovebox in the very last minutes, that is, when the professionals arrive to take the car, can be stressful. So, do the preparations on time.

There are a few important documents you’ll have to find on time. Including, of course, car registration info, bill of sale or any other proof you own the vehicle, original vehicle title, your ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport, as well as proof of insurance. Getting everything ready on time will, as explained, help avoid any delays and thus get the most out of this service.

  1. Wash the Car

You could assume that washing your vehicle before it departs, especially if it will be transported on an open carrier, is counterintuitive and, therefore, unnecessary. Yet, there’s a logical reason as to why you should do this. Basically, it helps you discover any dents, dings and scratches that are already on your car. We’ll talk later about why that is important.

  1. Empty the Tank If Necessary

Since your automobile won’t be driven, but transported on a trailer, the tank doesn’t have to be full. In fact, a full tank may result in higher costs, given that the vehicle will be heavier. That being said, the car will have to be driven on and off the truck. So, empty the tank if necessary, but leave it a quarter full, so as for it not to run out on those short drives.

  1. Perform Any Maintenance If Necessary

If transporting an operational vehicle, you’ll have to check it for leaks and other mechanical issues before it departs. After all, you don’t want oil to drip all over the vehicle that will be beneath it on the actual transporter. Apart from repairing any leaks, you should check the fluids, check the tire pressure, as well as determine that your battery is fully charged.

  1. Remove Outside Accessories and Personal Belongings

Removing outside accessories is another crucial thing to do when you want to use the vehicle transport in Michigan services. The same goes for your personal belongings that may be inside the car. Those outside extras, as well as the personal items, could get damaged during transport. And, I’m sure you’d much rather avoid that.

  1. Document Damage

If you remember me saying it, you’ll have to wash the car so as to take note of any existing damage. Documenting the damage is extremely important, because it allows you to easily check if any new damage has been done to the vehicle after it arrives to your new Michigan destination. In case any new damage is noticed, you’ll be entitled to compensation, which is also why choosing a company that is properly ensured is quite important here. In any case, document the damage with the professionals present in front of you, both before departure and upon arrival.