It is interesting how small businessmen feel so at home with the mobile revolution. Not only does it give them the advantage to compete with bigger enterprises at an affordable cost but also modern technology has enabled them to work productively from anywhere anytime. With the arrival of smartphones, highly functional tablets and laptops, you can oversee your business while on a business trip; talk via video conferencing to a client at the comfort of your homes; and even check your team’s collaborative efforts on an ongoing project while you are on vacation.

How Tech Savvy Businessmen Use Mobile Technology

Mobile applications, cloud technology and advanced devices are some of your essential tools in order to be successful in your business. If you are always on the go, having all these things will make your work easier and you could respond faster and get more things done together with your employees.  To give you more detailed information on how to maximize your mobile technology, here are some ways on how to use them:

Acknowledge Mobile Payments

Get yourself a mobile payment swipe device that is attached to your smartphone to be able to process credit card payments. Gone are the days when you have to wait for the client’s check or bank transfer. With this method, you are paid faster and proves even more convenient to use for your clients. Add another device that will print a receipt as soon as the transaction is made and you are all good. This is convenient for businesses that deliver food, merchandise and even groceries.

Make more Efficient Service Calls

If your business is service oriented and have very little staff, equip all of your staff’s mobile phones with a state of the art phone system that allows you to reach out to them readily in case another service job has been called in from your PBX.  A good navigation system integrated with your back office systems is also a plus so that your remote staff can easily access all the information needed for the next service call. Through this method, less time and money gets wasted.

Have Phone and Tablet, will Travel

For business travelers, having to lug around your heavy luggage consisting of your briefcase, laptop and your personal stuff can be very inconvenient. Savvy business people now have learned to travel light with just their smartphone and their tablet. The power of cloud technology allows them to access all of their company data on the Internet, which now gives them the ease of not having to bring hard copies in their briefcase.

Tracking Deliveries in the Field

If your business, for example, is a distributor of organic vegetables, and you have to make sure that all deliveries are made – what, when, and where they are delivered — and also have a record for you and your clients. A software solution that is tied to bar coding will track any inconsistencies and will issue the correct invoice on delivery to avoid any errors and foul-ups.  This solution can be enabled on your delivery staff’s smartphone  so that you can easily know if everything is going smoothly.

Show before and After Images

For home contractors, this is especially helpful to show your clients what improvements were made in a renovation project, for example. You can show the pictures from your smartphone or tablet or you can send the images through email if your client is away. The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” will definitely hold true and will give your clients a more visual representation. For real estate agents, you no longer have to print expensive brochures when you can show your prospective clients the actual house or lot as well as all the rooms inside. This is a great sales tool and may help you seal more deals.