Though your ultimate aim is keeping your home clean, tidy and fresh, you need to decide whether to take the services of a housekeeper or appoint cleaning company. Both can solve your objectives, but there is difference between their working approaches based on your requirement.

Choosing Between Cleaning Company and Housekeeper - Which Is Better

There is major difference between the working style and the related activities undertaken, which can be decided on case to case basis. Here are few of the deciding factors to enable you to choose between the two.


The first and important step is to identify your requirements for cleaning the house. It is better that you make a checklist or sort of the activities that need to be accomplished regularly for cleaning. Here is the list of few points done by housekeeper and service cleaning company.

  • Housekeeper:

The housekeeper generally does the following activities.

  • Washing clothes, ironing and folding them.
  • Dusting, mopping, sweeping and cleaning.
  • Washing and arranging dishes after drying.
  • Removing garbage
  • Preparing meals
  • Making the cluttered home clean by keeping all the things at proper place.
  • Making beds and changing linens, doormats, window curtains etc.
  • Other minor activities based on the requests.
  • Cleaning Company:

The cleaning company plays role of the cleaning in the following ways:

  • Scrubbing, sanitizing the toilet, washrooms, bathrooms, bathtubs etc.
  • Dusting, cleaning, mopping and vacuuming upholstery, flooring, carpets etc.
  • Deep cleaning of doors, window sills, wardrobes etc.
  • Miscellaneous list as agreed in the contract terms.

Thus, apparently it can concluded from the above that housekeeper does all the major and minor work besides cleaning your house, whereas the cleaning company have targets and do their job accordingly.


Though the pricing factor in both the cases depends on size of the house, number of family members, locality and alike, it may be considered on the basis of the needs and the type of the cleaning required. In case of professional cleaning company, it is purely decided on the cleaning activities undertaken, whereas in case of housekeeper it is the time factor.


The cleaning service provider can effectively clean up the mess very quickly as they are generally available in team, whereas housekeeper are not that quick in cleaning. Hence, you have to decide the quality and quantity of time you can spare for them.


The cleaning company employees are trained to do the task – such as using right cleaning agents, tools and equipment. They are trained to maintain the quality and standard of the services. The housekeepers on the other hand are not aware of the technology and cannot assure of high efficiency services. There is top cleaning service Orange County that is recognized and fully trained for providing efficient services within limited timeframe.

Safety & Security:

In case of housekeeper, you personally have to get the background check. But the cleaning company has the policy of checking the background of their employees. Besides they have stringent rules and bonds signed. Secondly, you are insured in case of damages done to your property during cleaning, if you appoint professional cleaners.

Thus, when a housekeeper is hired, you buy the person’s time and presence, whereas professional company gives limited time and finishes the task agreed in the contract. You need to make choice exactly based on what is your requirement and suitably select between them.