Cell phones have come a long way since their birth, a mere two decades ago! Nowadays there is a new and superior breed called the Smartphone. It seems everybody wants one of these, and for good reasons. However, there such a vast offering of models available around you that choosing the right one can get really confusing.

With that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you make the right choice.

Understanding your needs

First of all, think about what you want of your smartphone. You may need a bigger screen with high resolution, or maybe a fast browser or a topnotch camera. Perhaps what you really need is an unlocked phone that will work with any network? Decide what you want first, and make a list.


Now visit stores and browse the Internet, looking for models that meet your requirements. To see how good they really are you should look for user submitted reviews, which are easy enough to find online; it really helps a lot reading the opinion of someone who has purchased the phone you’re interested in! You can know all the advantages and disadvantages of a phone without ever touching it, and ultimately make the right decision.


Nowadays, smartphones offer more than one option when it comes to typing: some have sliding keyboards, others feature touch screens, while others may include a combination of both. Depending on your usage patterns (for example, whether you tend to text or make calls more often), you should make sure to get the appropriate phone… otherwise you may soon regret it!

Battery Autonomy

The more things your smartphone can do, the more power it’ll consume. So you should check the battery life of the phone you’re going to buy, since there are often drastic differences depending on the manufacturer. For your convenience, you might want to look into alternative charging options like car charging or charge via USB.

Other features

Hands-free operation is a much needed feature for people who use their phone while driving. This feature allows you to talk when you’re driving without need to hold the phone, or even do basic operations via voice commands: such as dialing or taking incoming calls without pressing any button.

Data storage

Most smartphones have vast built in memory. Some also have slots for memory cards. This is a feature important for people who want to store movies, music, and other stuff in great deal.

Waiting for the offers

Unless you’re really rich, it goes without saying that cost can be a determinant factor towards your decision… after all, you can only buy what you can afford. So wait for the right moment. During holidays offers, crop up. Take this opportunity. Use your coupon. Visit all the popular sites looking for special offers. Maybe you’ll get a better phone for much less cost than you imagined possible!


Before buying the phone don’t forget to check the warranty length and coverage. See if the accessories are covered also, as this can also be a determinant factor towards making a sensible choice.

We hope these tips will help you get the right phone for you! Remember: know your priorities first and research thoroughly on the market according to your needs, rather than taking a pick at random. Finally, do take your time and make the choice wisely.

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