Most people today tend to own a large set of electronic equipment which they use often. The good part is that you can simply connect the devices between them and do some lovely things. For instance the computer can be connected to TV in order to give you an extra screen. Many people use this option because they want to see a movie or they desire to play a game on a larger screen. The problem is that the connection between the two devices needs to be of prime quality. This cannot be done with some regular wires. Instead it is recommended to use a HDMI cable with will transmit both video and audio signals.

How To Connect Your Pc To Tv With An Hdmi Cable

The Basics

The whole idea of connecting the PC to the TV is that you are able to display on it all sorts of presentations and videos. The TV can also be used as a monitor that will allow a larger surface and an improved resolution. When you plan to use your TV as a computer monitor, you need to make sure that it has really high resolution. In this case, the small text will be able to be seen and the windows’ content will be legible. In most recent PCs the video card has an HDMI output. This makes it really easy to connect the HDTV to it so that the quality of the image is enhanced.

Connection Process

Connecting the computer with the TV with the help of an HDMI cable is not that difficult. You just have to put the computer closer to your TV. Many cables are not really long and you need to reach the other side. The short length of the cable is due to the fact that signal can be lost easily on longer versions. After you have placed them together you have to plug an end in the HDMI port of your video card. The other end had to be plugged in the HDMI input that you can find in the back or the side of your TV. After you have found the plug and have inserted the cable, it is time to turn the TV on and your PC as well. From the remote control of the television you have to switch the mode to your HDMI connection. You need to know that some TVs have more than one connection so you have to get the right one. This is done from the same menu that you use from switching to DVD player or game console use. Your computer may detect the connection immediately or it may take a little while. You may need to adjust the volume control because in some cases the video input goes automatically, while the audio one needs to be put in place.

It is really easy to connect the computer to the TV by using this type of cable. From now on you may simply enjoy the fun of watching your favorite videos or displaying a presentation on a larger screen of your television.

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