There is perhaps no environment more dull than the typical office. But, with a few innovative (and fun) office gadgets, there are a number of great ways to add value and excitement to four walls which are most often associated with work, checklists, and plain white walls.

Whack Boredom Away with a USB Gadget

Most people consider USB to be a utilitarian technology, useful only for plugging cameras, mobile phones, or other devices into a computer for the purpose of data transfer, or online stationary. But USB actually acts a sort of power outlet: low levels of power are provided to the USB port, which allow it to charge and power device. That’s where this fun boredom-killer comes in: USB Whack It is a $20 game that connects to the USB port of a computer as a power source. Office workers can then use their hands to play whack-a-mole with the pop-up creatures that live inside the game.

It’s certainly not the most useful office gadget, and most bosses might frown on it, but even the busiest cubicle worker has a lunch break that might be enhanced by a USB-powered arcade game.

The BackPack

Sold by TwelveSouth, the “BackPack” office gadget is a simple device which attaches to the back of any Apple iMac or Cinema Display. This unique gadget uses the design of the display stand and attaches itself as a sort of “shelf” to the back of the display. From there, users can do just about anything with it — from holding a smartphone to storing some post-it notes, thumb tacks, or even a canister full of pens and pencils. It’s a smart gadget, and it gives office workers a way to un-clutter their desks — perhaps so they have room for the above-mentioned whack-a-mole USB game.

Pantone Boxes

Another way to reduce office clutter and increase organization is by purchasing so-called Pantone boxes. Perfect for creative professionals who know the pantone colors all too well, these stylish boxes come in a variety of different colors and allow office workers to easily organize and color-code all of their office supplies and organization tools. They add a little color to what is otherwise a boring cubicle or office, and they increase the value of a desk’s existing space. And creative professionals will love the way these tins blend in with the color scheme they use during their day-to-day tasks.

The One-Cub Pod Brewer

Coffee is one of the bare necessities of daily office life, but sometimes things are simply too chaotic to endure a long walk to the break room and pour a cup of this magic elixir. In place of the long walk away from the desk is Hamilton Beach’s One-Cup Pod Brewer. It’s a traditional coffee maker, but it brews just one cup of coffee at a time — right at an office worker’s desk, without forcing them to leave the confines of their work in pursuit of the energy to complete it.

Desktop Plant Light

There is nothing easy about working in an office where exposure to sunlight and foliage may be at an all-time low. In order to keep office workers in good spirits, many companies sell desktop plant lights that allow for a small plant to be potted in the base. The attached light hovers over the plant, mimicking the rays of natural sunlight. That’s enough to keep any nature lover happy during their eight-hour stint in corporate America.

Lots of Options for Creative Office Workers

Office workers need not commit themselves to a life of boring white walls or drab cubicles. The market for office gadgets is increasingly clever and unique, and there are a number of ways to turn a standard workday in a bit of fun and creativity.