JavaScript Library is the pre-defined and edited JavaScript code that built for the readymade use by the developers. To make an interactive part or to produce the unique dynamic effects on a website there is no such alternative of JavaScript code. This library is enabled with the best and tested pre-written JavaScript codes that will help the novice web developer to get a desired output. You will get the benefit of these codes while you are compiling the AJAX developments and JavaScript Application development. You can find out several JavaScript code libraries on the web with various levels of solutions. Here we are presenting some of the unique JavaScript code resources for different tasks and functions.


To present the Pie Chart on your website this Piecon is very much effective and fruitful the purpose of projecting the Pie charts. Piecon is the tiny representation of JavaScript codes to generate the dynamic pie charts in your favicons.


Odometer is the most efficient coding JavaScript option with which you can play with the numbers in any form and with any type. For an example, if you want to present the daily tires sold in the US then you need to present these data through this Odometer easily. To develop a function for the user for calculating the summation of six odd and even square numbers the odometer will be the best option for you.

Top and Trusted JavaScript Libraries That Are Always Helpful To The Web Developers


This JavaScript library offers the user to design the fault-tolerance codes through which the uploaded large files with the help of HTML 5 API. The process is done by splitting the files into the small chunks. While these chunks are failed to upload the process is continuously retrying the procedure until it completed properly. Through this process the uploading procedure resumes automatically after the network connection get connected which was interrupted either locally or to the server.

Ember Charts

Ember Charts is the pre-written JavaScript code library that enables you to create different type of time series, pie charts, bar charts, and scattered charts that are easy to modify and extendable. The out-of-the-box privilege of this coding is that you can create the interactive and modish presentation of those charts which is extremely easy to modify and extend.


With the Ifvisible.Js coding library the developer can develop the state where the user can handle the tab or browse while it is minimized. This Ifvisible.Js can handle the activity part, such as, control the idle or active tabs while these are being in reverse state. The developer can fix up the timing of idle time duration with the default 60 seconds duration or he can change the duration and set it to a high or low.


The Device.Js is developed by Matthew Hudson which is most efficiently applicable for the Mobile, Tablet or Desktop orientation program.  The modern responsive designing technology is greatly supported by this Device.Js JavaScript library in a large scale.


This JavaScript Coding library is enabling the developer to create an interactive and resolution-independent vector graphics which are all time required to present a website in a well manner.  Snap.Svg is the JavaScript which is supported by all the modern browsers and is equipped with all the latest SVG features, such as, clipping, patterns, masking, groups, full gradients and more.


To add some funky effects and the other transforming options to the webcam media. It is using through the WebRTC and CSS filters and CSS Filters. This is not supported by the Mozilla Firefox as it has the filtering functionalities but to Chrome it is perfectly alright.


Offline.Js is very much helpful for the users to get alerted while the internet connectivity is lost. This has the beautiful themes to use and it doesn’t require any sort of configuration.

Fusion Charts Suit XT

This is the unique and exclusive JavaScript codes that are preferable for all the devices and platforms. You can use this scripting for the Mobile and Desktops. Today, almost 21000 clients, 45000 Web Developers are using this Suit XT throughout 118 countries.

Author Bio: This Article is effectively describes the latest JavaScript libraries available on the web. The developers can use them as per their requirements. All these scripting are almost free tools that is helpful to produce and generate beautiful features and interfaces.