When considering going out and painting the town red, you need to be careful about a certain things. Night club party scenes can get really wild if you’re not careful. A fun night can be instantly ruined if there’s drama or problems. While a perfect night ends at six in the morning, it is important to make sure that it is done with class and care. You need to take care of the basics –

Things To Take Care Of While Partying Late

Hydration & Rest 

There’s a tendency to push the night club party scene as hard as possible. You order a whole round of drinks and have shot after shot. You’re also not really focusing too much on water, which is one of the most important things that you should care about. As you cross your late 20s, you might be wondering why your body can’t handle alcohol like it used to before.

This is because as your cells age, your body may not have the capacity to process liquor like it used to. As they become more structured and less flexible, your body may not accept alcohol. It is therefore advised to take lots of breaks between drinking and dancing.

Mixing different alcohol      

If you’re planning to party till late night, you need to stick to one type of alcohol. If you’re a beer drinker, then don’t drink whiskey if someone offers you. If you prefer Vodka, then mixing it with tequila may be a problem. This is because the body absorbs alcohol individually and mixing up two different variants requires different biological processes.

This also happens a lot with shots, when everyone is in the mood to take a round or two of shots. If you’re drinking a Jager bomb and you’re having beer all this while, then you may want to continue with one or the other. Mixing drinks can lead to a bad hangover, especially if you haven’t eaten much that day.

Nightclub vibe and crowd

You don’t want to party in a dingy place with not-so-nice people. There may be higher chances of bad occurrences, and the music may be more suited towards shady audiences. You must get out of there and visit classier destinations like Kitty Su at The LaLiT- one of the top 10 clubs in India with a great crowd and vibe.

Going to a classier nightclub ensures that you get something delicious to eat in between night club scenes, and   enjoy high-quality alcohol that tastes good and won’t get you hungover the next day.