The impact of the wedding menu that you and your soon-to-be spouse have worked on will depend largely on how it is presented and served to the guests. How you serve the food will depend on the theme of your wedding.

For instance, for a more formal feel to your reception, plated and sit-down is your best option. For a more casual vibe, you can opt for a buffet setup. But if you are for something in between, classy and formal but also a bit casual, then a family-style setup is your best bet.

How To Create The Perfect Family Style Wedding Reception

What is a family-style setup?

Family-style is a setup where your guests are seated in a long table. Large platters of food are served on the table, where guests pass them around. For this setup, you will still need to hire waiters to refill the food platters on each table.

What are the advantages of a family-style setup?

  • It is intimate.

Food can bring people together, and family-style setup allows for more interaction between your guests. It creates a warm atmosphere for your wedding reception. Passing platters around creates a way to start friendly conversations with your guests. Whether they have known each other for long or just met each other at your wedding party, they will surely leave your party feeling more comfortable with each other.

The idea of a family-style reception also symbolizes the coming together of two families, sharing a meal and funny stories.

  • It is less expensive.

Compared to a plated meal, you will need fewer waiting staff for a family-style reception. Your guests can also finish their meal quicker compared to a buffet setup, since no lining up for food is needed. This gives you more time for other activities in your reception program, such as toasts, dancing and some games.

  • It is classy and elegant in a casual way.

A family-style setup is perfect for almost any wedding themes, such as garden and rustic. It is elegant enough to almost feel like a formal seated dinner, but the guests are served in a more casual manner.

  • You have many table decorating options.

Using large banquet tables leaves you with many wonderful options on table decorating. Think candles for a warmer and romantic feel or a line of vases with colorful blooms.

What are the disadvantages of a family-style setup?

Family-style setup also has some drawbacks, which are:

  • Your wait staff must always be alert for emptying platters of food.
  • It can be chaotic and disorganized if not properly setup, and has the potential to be messy.
  • It is not suitable for very large number of guests.

Hire an experienced wedding caterer for your reception!

Your wedding reception setup can establish the feel and the atmosphere of your wedding party. Whatever setup you choose for your reception, hire a reputable wedding caterer who will help you make your wedding wonderful and memorable. The caterer can make or break the experience of your guests in your wedding reception. Choose a catering company made up of professionals who will make sure everyone enjoys their wedding, from cocktail hour to dessert.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.