Blackheads are wide openings that are seen on the surface of the skin. They are characterized by blackened masses of debris. They are yellow in color and tend to widen if the hair follicles on your skin are filled with debris such as oil and bacteria. Blackheads can severely affect your outlook and personality. In most cases, a blackhead symbolizes the first stages of acne development. If you ignore blackheads during their initial level, chances are they will develop into pimples and might bring about severe skin damages.

When the skin’s hormone levels are improved, acne and blackheads tend to develop. This triggers and stimulates the production of sebaceous and oily substances. For this reason, it is important to learn some necessary measures that you can implement to take care of your skin and effectively deal with skin related complications such as blackheads during their initial level. There are a number of conditions that can bring about blackheads. If you fail to handle the conditions properly during their initial stages, the situations can get even worse. It is wise to note that, although blackheads are more pronounced on oily skins, they can as well appear on normal skins.

Skin Problems You Should Not Ignore On Initial Level

Dealing with Blackheads

When oil is produced in excess by the skin, it can lead to blackheads. In addition, blackheads are more common during puberty when they tend to be in larger proportions. High levels of hormone DHT in the body triggers the over-productivity of oil glands leading to clogged pores. The major cause of blackheads is improper skin care. However, it is normal for blackheads to be in excess during puberty. If you fail to clean your skin properly, the dead cells in your skin can become active clogging the pores.

However, some skin care experts are now suggesting that dirt should not be seen as the only reason for the formation of blackheads. According to them, the main causes of blackheads are oxidized oil enhancements as well as skin over-cleaning. These two result to severe skin irritation which leads to the emergence of blackheads. In addition, some studies have revealed that blackheads and acne have a strong association with dairy products. However, this is yet to be established.

Stress can also cause blackheads. Increased levels of stress can lead to increased blackheads as time goes by. Research has shown that anxiety and consistent stress are major causes of blackheads and acne. Higher levels of the two can lead to worsening of the situation. This makes it necessary to deal with blackheads when you first suspect that you have them.

Eliminating Blackheads During their Initial Stages

Most people fail to understand how to get rid of blackheads and this makes the situation even worse when their blackheads reach advanced stages. The best way to deal with them is during their initial levels before they become resistant. It is important to prevent further spread of blackheads when trying to eliminate them. Here are some trusted ways to help you eliminate blackheads.

1. Skin Cleansing

In most cases, people who suffer from blackheads tend to have dirty skins. Therefore, it is important to clean your skin thoroughly in order to keep it safe from blackheads. Consider looking for good cleansers that can be used on all types of skins, most importantly oily skins. A good example of a skin cleaning product is the salicyclic acid cleanser.

2. Hormonal Treatment and Care

Experts have revealed that hormones greatly contribute to blackheads. Therefore, people wondering how to get rid of blackheads should note that their hormones are the main causes of blackheads. If your body produces high levels of hormones it is wise to go for contraceptives that help in the treatment of blackheads and acne. The earlier you do this, the better.

3. Medical Treatments

There are a number of medical treatments that can be used to treat acne and blackheads problems. It is wise to consult your doctor early when you notice blackheads infection. A recommended medical treatment for acne and blackheads is the adapalene tropical retinoid treatment. However, there are other medical ways that can effectively treat blackheads depending on your skin type. Don’t ignore the earlier signs of blackheads because they can be hard to treat in their advanced stages.

4. Sunlight Exposures

If you have blackheads, consider exposing your skin to the sun to promote their reduction. The sun’s UV rays act by unblocking the pores on your skin. In most cases, blocked pores are the major sources of oil substances in skin tissues. Before sunbathing, consider consulting your health provider because sunlight exposure can lead to further damages and can cause skin cancer.


It is easier to eliminate blackheads during their initial stages. Therefore, do not ignore the initial signs of a possible skin problem specifically blackheads and acne.