Every internet user of the Earth knows what is Google and about the how great this huge search engine is useful. Google is very simple to use for everyone, its simple user interface or front page looks so pretty and attracts every user to search more. The results almost at instant search in the millions, there many pages that comes in results in an instant. But that’s not at all what Google can offer for you, if you start using it in a professional way, it has quite different techniques to help anyone with a Google search for any kind of documents, files, info, images, locations, news and many more. If your just a simple user this is not for you, this article for enthusiastic, zealed persons who wants to explore the google searching to find anything with simple steps of google search engine.

Use Key Words

Google provides a very unique way of search options to optimize the search results, exactly what you require can get via these simple search key words. While you search of any content on any sites or any info you can sue some simple specific key words which gives a separate set of results of the info you specifically required.

Keywords – In, define,”quotes”, domain name, inurl, file type, file extension, video type, Log files, specific directories, web site info files, maps, links, stocks, movie playing theatres, restaurants, special symbols and few more.

By using these type of keywords we can simplify the result set we want and get what we are exactly looking for. Each one of these key words can give you results with certain limited and exactly related info to the user. Google has enormous amount of results set of database which are specifically filtered by using these key words. These keywords are supplied to google search algorithm and the results will be optimized based on the keyword passed to it. For example if you look or search for the file name called “mobile”, a normal google search gives every page with word mentioned mobile, but when you use “mobile .mp3” keyword which a file extension type, the google searching gives the result of audio files which are in mp3 formats with name mobile. Similarly , when using “google tips .pdf” the google search engine provides the result set of .pdf files which are mentioned the word “google tips” any where on the document which is in the form .pdf file.

Another example you can use in, inurl to find any webpage or website that contains search keyword your passing to it. Let us understand it easily , suppose we supplied a search string to google search engine like this “inurl:blackhat”, the google gives the result set of pages which are having “blackhat” word in their web page urls.

In this way we can simplify the results set using some simple keywords supplying to google search engine. There plenty of other ways to use the google search engine in more effective way, we can see them in upcoming posts.