Meeting and conferences used to be the part of the business that no one much cared for. They were ineffective at best and inconvenient at worst. Fortunately for us, technological advances changed all of that and will continue to do so. Think your Twitter account isn’t good for business? Do you avoid using Skype for conference calls? Then you really should read on to learn more about the tools that have revolutionized how we conduct our business, meetings, and conferences!

Live Engagement Marketing

Live engagement marketing is one of the latest trends to bring new life to meetings and conferences. In the simplest of terms, it is the use of latest marketing applications that are easily measurable and targeted to a specific event or meeting. When it comes to conferences and meetings, you can build engagement with your attendees before the event, preparing them for all that they will be able to engage with and build excitement for the event. Using an app during the event, such as DoubleDutch, keeps them engaged and able to connect while on the go. It’s also an excellent tool to help your attendees network more efficiently. Afterwards, you can keep the momentum going by looking for recaps and feedback about their experience. Overall, this helps planners plan more effectively. If your meetings are slow moving and lack results, your planners will be able to detect the issues using live engagement marketing. If your conference is lacking in attendance, the app can help you figure out why and how to improve your content and networking opportunities.

Conference Calls Made Easier

In the days of old, business meetings often struggled due to busy schedules or folks being out of town. As telephones adapted and changed, we relied heavily on conference calling to bring in long distance folks. Now, thanks to companies like Skype, video conferencing and interviewing has become incredibly easy. The technology has improved so much, you are less likely to experience disconnection and can see your team or client face to face. You can interview new candidates from a distance, you can have small meetings with your sales team or department team if you are on the go, and getting in touch with your freelancers become even easier.

Event Gamification

Gamification is a trendy but under-utilized tool! Using gamification for events and within the business is an excellent way to engage your attendees or team into learning more, creating excitement, and keeping engagement at an all-time high. People simply love gamification and respond well to it. For the event, it works very well with live engagement marketing and can create a positive reputation that will keep people coming back and others wanting to get in on the game.

Using event gamification on social networks and targeting your consumer base keeps them interested in what you have to offer and allows others to jump in and learn more about who you are and what you do. You can expand that consumer base greatly by hosting an event game online.

When it comes to your business environment, it will encourage your employees and team members to learn more about the company they work for and keep work morale high. When work morale is high, your employees and team members work harder and smarter because they feel valued and appreciated.

All of these trends came with the growth of technology and can be used in excellent ways to improve your business, the effectiveness of your meetings, and increase attendance to your conferences. If you aren’t utilizing these tools currently, now is an a fantastic time to start!