What makes Windows VPS Hosting US so attractive is the uptime offered. When you choose to have a hosting plan from a reliable service provider, you get a guarantee of uptime, of at least 99.95%. This is important, because you cannot afford to lose customers and business data to downtime. With the right hosting services, which are fully equipped with the best data center, and the right tools, reliability in terms of uptime is not hard to come by.

Windows VPS Hosting US - The Reliability Of 99.9% Uptime

Monitoring, Round the Clock

The expertise of the engineers monitoring the system to check for possible problems is also a factor in guaranteeing uptime. You want to ensure that the engineers are aware of the possible problems that can occur, if something looks out of place. With the best engineers, monitoring the system round the clock, there is a failsafe measure to ensure that the network always functions safely and efficiently.

Those choosing Windows VPS Hosting US would probably prefer hosting packages that are compatible with Windows OS. However, there are separate VPS hosting plans for customers with Linux or other types of OS. One of the benefits of Windows VPS Hosting US is therefore the choice, which enables you to choose a plan compatible with your existing infrastructure.

World Class Data Center

Businesses should always ensure that the data center of the service provider is in a safe location, a politically neutral zone, in a city with less chance of natural disasters. This would ensure the best uptime guarantee, because data centers are where servers are located, and the physical location of servers is important to their performance. You would want to see if the data center has the safety certifications that are the industry norm. Some of the security measures that the data centers use, would be, biometric access, security guards, and fire alarms. To ensure that adverse climatic conditions cannot harm the servers, the facility should be sealed against outside wind or moisture, and also needs to artificially maintain the right levels of moisture and temperature indoors. You would also be concerned about power backup, which must offer seamless continuity to server functioning, if regular power supply is not available. Data centers require a lot of power for running their servers, for businesses that are enthusiastic about using green data centers, asking service providers about these measures, would also be helpful.

Why choose Windows VPS Hosting US

While the features mentioned above are certainly to your advantage, a reason you want to choose Windows VPS Hosting US is that pricing remains within budget. With VPS hosting, where servers are virtualized, you are allocated a share of resources, which other users of the server may not claim. If you are unsure about moving to a dedicated server, or face constraints by way of funds, you can try this type of hosting service, while business grows. In addition to more resources you will have benefits such as unique ip address, plus bandwidth, memory, storage, and other resources.