If you got fed up with drafts, water leaks, shabby look of your windows and overall discomfort at home then the time to replace your old windows has come. Professionals say that windows replacement is one of the most common home renovation projects performed today all over the world as old windows is a very common problem for old houses. In the article below you can find the most important information about such projects.

Repair or Replace?

First of all, according to Whitby windows experts you need to identify whether you need to replace old units or simple repairs can save your home. As a rule, replacement projects are needed in two main cases. First is about the frames; if they are sound and reasonably square, then you can easily install new replacement windows into the existing original opening, together with the windows you can also replace the sashes, side jambs and even trim. In case of completely rotted frames new windows are essential to achieve the required result. Furthermore, no matter what option you choose multiple replacement or repair projects will cost you much less if compared to replacing or repairing each unit separately.

Calculatethe Payback

A lot of people are worried that windows replacement projects cost a lot. It is true in a way but no completely. Upfront costs for replacement windows may seem to be high but in the long run you can save pretty a lot of money. Furthermore, upfront costs depend a lot on the material of your new units. For instance, if you choose wooden replacement windows you will have to pay pretty a lot because of their perfect curb appeal, while vinyl windows are the best option in terms of cost-effectiveness ratio. With wooden windows you will have to pay a lot for maintenance, such as re-painting, while vinyl units require absolutely no maintenance at all.

When you consider the cost of your windows replacement project you should always remember that price for such projects can be divided by two. One part is only the price for units and additional features that you are willing to have, but the second part you need to keep in mind is the cost for the work. Installation of windows replacement most frequently costs the same amount of money as you would have to pay for the units themselves. Keep this fact in mind when planning your budget.

Cost effectiveness of your new windows in the long run is clear. New units will improve energy efficiency and isolation of your home. As a result it will be much easier to preserve constant temperature inside of the house so you will be able to spend up to 37% less money on energy bills each year.

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