Watch movements are delicate, beautiful examples of mechanical mechanisms that exist on the edge between function and complexity. They have allowed us to accurately meter time for centuries. To maintain their degree of accuracy, a good watch must be regularly maintained, and occasionally undergo watch repairs. This is why for watches like a Rolex, an owner must send it away from an accredited Rolex watch repair service. Anything less could, at best, mean it comes back functioning to a lower standard and at worse cause more harm than good.

A good Rolex watch repair will be done by an experienced Rolex watch repairer. This can either be in house or offsite, but if offsite, they must still use original Rolex parts. This happens by Rolex operating a parts exchange; when a Rolex part is damaged, the only way to get the same part is to send the damaged version back to Rolex, which they then keep and send a replacement. Rolex watch service can take time to undergo but is worth it in the end.

What Rolex Watch Repair Is Important

Rolex Repair Step 1 – Disassembly

The bracelet is detached from the watch case. The case is opened and the movement removed. The case is then disassembled and carefully stored to avoid any damage or scratching. All the parts are labeled and noted in the watch repairs inventory.

Rolex Repair Step 2 – Cleaning the Movement

The movement is then disassembled. Each component is ultrasonically cleaned in specifically formulated solutions, which helps remove and dissolve dirt and grime, allowing the Rolex (when reassembled) to operate at the maximum possible efficiency. This is a delicate procedure; one wrong movement could irrevocably damage the movement. This is why Rolex watch repairs must only be undertaken by competent craftspeople.

Rolex Repair Step 3 – Replacement of Components

The watch repairs expert will closely examine each individual component of the movement, identifying any component that may require replacement. Only certified Rolex parts are used, which is achieved by the parts exchange as described earlier in the article. This is the main part of a Rolex Watch repair and the main difference between that and a Rolex watch service; repairs replace parts, services clean them.

Rolex Repair Step 4 – Lubrication and Reassembly

Each part of the Rolex that requires lubrication is serviced with the finest lubricants available to minimise friction, preventing degradation of precision and reducing the amount of wear and tear that occurs to the parts. This is critical in ensuring the movement of the Rolex continues to perform accurately.

Rolex Repair Step 5 – Timing Calibrations

The core of any Rolex watch movement is the balance wheel, which has a frequency of over 690,000 beats per day. To ensure precision in the timekeeping, the watchmaker makes meticulous adjustments to the balance wheel then electronically tests the timing accuracy. The entire Rolex movement is then thoroughly tested and monitored for several days to verify its performance.

Rolex Repair Step 6 – Refinishing the Case and the Bracelet

The same level of care goes that goes into the servicing of the movement also goes into servicing its case and bracelet. After the initial cleaning, the case and bracelet are closely examined for any wear or damage, with any necessary replacements being made with certified Rolex parts. The case and bracelet are then finished to an exceptionally high standard.

Rolex Repair Step 7 – Full reassembly

The entire watch is then fully reassembled, completing the Rolex watch repair. If all has gone to plan, the Rolex will not be back in a state which allows it to be fully functional.

This is the rough outline of what goes on for a Rolex watch repair. It can vary depending on the model, but the idea is that every Rolex undergoes a similar service. The important part is that each service is to an exceptionally high standard.