If you have ever sat back and wondered why it may take your beloved family member or partner forever to get ready, it’s because you have never paid attention to their regimen. Not all women are created equal and there are a variety of steps that they take that can range from 15 minutes to an hour (or longer) to get ready for the day. Today we explore a few of the products women use and why they use them.

Good Products Are Important

Before we even get into the number of products being used and why we use them, it’s important to remember that quality products are extremely important. Women (and men) often use products that help with easily irritable skin, skin blemishes that they want to be minimized or covered, and often they just want their bodies to feel good. When we take care of our bodies, we tend to raise our own self-esteem on our own. Beauty industry research is a vital tool for cosmetic designers to achieve the results they want to offer and allows the consumer to know they are getting something that lives up to the hype. Ever hear a company claim “9 out of 10 women….”? That is due to the research that went into the product and through testing the product before it hit the store shelves.

Showering Is More Than Washing The Body

Some people hop in the shower and take a few minutes to rub themselves down with a bar of soap and wash their hair. That works well for some people. Other’s take more time to really take care of their skin and hair. Shampoos that hold dyed hair color, conditioners that help strengthen the hair and add volume, facial scrubs to exfoliate, and shaving unwanted hair with lotions and creams that make it easier without irritation. Even getting out of the shower means there could be extra steps. We often applied baby oil to our skin before drying off in the winter so that our skin would retain some moisture, stay hydrated, and feel soft. Some choose to apply toner to the face to even out problem areas. Others take the time to floss, brush teeth, and rinse with mouthwash.

Preparing The Hair

Some folks have short hair that requires little styling. Maybe a quick run through with the hair dryer after washing hair and that is it. Some days just require a quick brush and a hair clip to put the hair up or into a ponytail. Others really enjoy preparing a fantastic hairdo for the day so that they feel glorious with their locks. Short do’s can become fancy, sassy, and spiky looks for the day because that person wants to feel like a rock star. Or long and layered styles may require a curling iron and some conditioner for protecting the hair. Some will take 5 minutes on a no-fuss style or up to 30 minutes taming their head full of hair.

Makeup Can Be Quick Or Painstaking

Wearing makeup is one area of contention for a lot of people. Some people like going out without it, others only like one or two items on their face, and then there are those who go full-throttle and get ready for the red carpet no matter where they go. If we are going full on there are moisturizers, eyeshadow primers, lip primers, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow liner, mascara, false lashes, lip liner, bronzer, blush, finishing spray or powder, and lipstick. Yea, it’s a lot. As long as the person is wearing what they want and find joy in wearing it, that is all that matters.

No matter the beauty routine, it’s important that the person is doing it because they want to. Wanting to care for the skin and body is better than someone feeling like they have to. When we see positive results when we take care of our bodies and adorn it the way that makes us feel happy, our bodies look happy!