How to get the vintage Great Gatsby Look?

The Leonardo DiCaprio starrer “The Great Gatsby” graced cinema screens in the year 2013 for producing a lasting influence on modern fashion trends. With this movie society took the initiative of moving away from strictness of modernized fashion concepts.

The glamorous couture of the movie is something, which takes you into the magic of 1920’s style trends and highlights some classical styling perspectives that create a mesmerizing affect. Many trends were brought into highlight by the characters of movie, but the most prominent ones include decadent jewelry, bolder lips, crisp male suits and bold lips.

The looks of 1920 work well not only for women, but also for men because these classical styles are timeless. The styling and looks are polished and compatible for evening as well as afternoons. Women after wearing these looks appear glamorous and men start to appear extremely handsome. In fact, women generally love to wear things that can make them stand out in the crowd and the Gatsby looks provide this much needed advantage in a convincing fashion.

Do you want to get the timeless look without exaggerating anything? How to make 20s look like in the Great Gatsby movie? Great Gatsby book review will help you to realize your dream.

How To Make 20s Look Like In The Great Gatsby Movie

Below consider our styling tips coming from some of the famous stylists of our time.


We are all simply in love with the bob that is worn by Daisy played by Carey Mulligan. You can get the same look by following the simple steps mentioned below.

· Divide your hair in horizontal sections and start from your neck’s back.

· Make sub-sections and these must be closer in size, with the help of curling iron move ahead by curling every section in similar direction. Continue to do this till top of head is reached.

· Once this has been done and there are parting in place, curling up to the parting will be needed.

· With the help of paddle brush simply brush out all curls and give the style of your choice.


It is not a difficult task to develop association between pearls and flappers, but think about going with decadent jewels like diamonds, black onyx etc. that are seen in Great Gatsby.


As far as shawls are concerned we term these are accessories that can easily be worn for adding a touch of classical glamour to any kind of wardrobe. The Fur wrap as well as accessories were popular during 1920s and today you can consider these as instant techniques for giving the outfit chic and vintage look. You can also go with feather accessories as these are making their way in a variety of fashion products and this is something that has taken strong inspiration from Gatsby.


The main glamor of The Great Gatsby look comes without any doubt from makeup. During 1920s the influences from Egypt were very much prominent. Smoky eyes, muggy deeper colors that are rimmed inwards along with nude tone of peach are perfect for getting the vintage looks. You will also have to shun thin eyebrows and it is important to ensure that eyebrows are groomed such that they can show perfect relevance with face cuts.

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