A good music concert can be offering a life-changing experience for the true fan. Folks who have held on to the musical memories of Comin’ from Where I’m from and The Point of it All should be happy to note that their favorite musician is on tour again. Yes, Anthony Hamilton aka AHam is back with a bang with vibrant set –lists and power packed performances to his credit. The last major success registered by the soul singer was in 2008 when his album reached the Gold standards. After eight years, 2016 was a year of busy rerun as the singer completed close to 60 concerts all over the country this year. This musical treat is not showing any signs of ceasing as the upcoming event details are already available.

Enjoy Real Music

Fans of the R&B singer should hurry before the tickets sold out, as is a rather general trend with Hamilton. He is a Grammy winning singer with numerous hits on solo singles and collaborations. In fact, most of his open air concerts carry some sort of a surprise with a special musical guest joining in the extravaganza. As the singer has been in the industry for so long as to sing even in the Django Unchained soundtrack, his musical resources are quite diverse. Audiences can expect to find at least one unique song in every set list; one that has not been played in any other venue before. The location and date details for upcoming Anthony Hamilton tour are already available for advanced bookings.

Charlotte Soul

Anyone interested should run fast before the tickets stream run cold due to a rapidly selling out booking spree. Such are typical events with the award winning musician whose voice almost all the world knows by virtue of the Django Unchained OST. Book tickets for only yourself or check out bulk booking facilities if you have a fan group in your town. The soul singer originally hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. His early musical career consisted of singing in church choirs. Although he later shifted to singing part time gigs in local nightclubs and appearing as backup artists, yet some of that old soul is still visible in wonderful renditions. The singer has released up to seven Albums till date, one of which even rose to a Platinum sales figure with 1.2 million people in the USA buying it. His next albums were Gold Records, but there has been a lack of consistency in the last eight years.

A Ticket to Fame

This year, determined to regain lost grounds, and with an ‘Amen’ on his lips, the popular R&B singer virtually performed a whirlwind of shows all over the country. The explosion of energy did not go unnoticed and he received critical acclaim from top music reporting agencies. The year in itself has been a tumultuous one musically with many singers leaving the world. The recent death of Last Christmas singer George Michael has created a gaping vacuum in the soul song niche and it is now up to all artists like Anthony Hamilton to fill up this space with true music. These are lifetime opportunities to entomb one’s fame in the musical Hall of Fame and a task worthy of only an accomplished singer.