If you have your own personal computer, then you are very well aware of the fact that there are various computer problems that may arise. The computer is prone to errors due to virus, malware, and other forms of infections. But are you aware of the fact that computers are built to last for more than a decade? In order for your computer to last longer, you should keep it well tuned. In this article, we will address common computer problems and how it can be solved.

Why do Computer Problems Exist?

Approximately 80% of computer problems are caused by inadequate maintenance such as cleaning the computer registry, software update, emptying of cache files, and the like. To save your computer from various problems, you should keep it well maintained.

Slow PC

A lot of computer owners complain that their computer is getting slow. There are various reasons why your computer is running slow, but one of the primary reasons for this is lack of maintenance. Other factors that can lead to slow pc are fragmented data, spyware, and corrupted registry, installation of unnecessary programs or software.

Why Won't You Work?! - Every Day Computer Problems

Blue Screen Of Death/Freezing

Once your computer displays these problems, then it can be an indication of a more serious problem. This problem is commonly caused by a spyware. In order to prevent such problems from happening, you should regularly update your anti spyware program. You should as well update the hardware drivers of your computer. In order to avoid freezing, you can increase the virtual memory of your pc.

Auto Reboot/Turns Off By Itself

If you observe that your computer turns off all by itself, then it is an indicator that there is a problem with your hardware. It can be associated with a defective cooling fan, dirty cooling fan, or dying power supply. In order for the computer to cool itself, what it does is it automatically shuts off. To avoid such problems, you should make sure that the fan is clean and in perfect working condition. If there is nothing wrong with your fan, then the next thing to do is to check the physical connection of your computer.

Unusual Sounds And Vibrations

If you observe this problem, then it is an indicator that there is something wrong with your hardware. As you know, the computer is consists of so many parts and there is a possibility that a few of them will become unhinged. Sensitive wires can be melted due to overheating problems. As a matter of fact, some wires will expand. If you are a computer savvy individual, then you can check out the problems all by yourself. If you are not technically savvy, then you can bring your pc to computer repairman. The computer repairman can be the best person to address complex computer issues, especially the one concerning the hardware of your computer.


This refers to any changes in the default search engine, homepage, and web browser. The prime reason for this is that a spyware might be installed on your pc via social networking. The spyware automatically installs java script on your web browser thereby automatically changing the settings of your pc. If you have anti spyware, then this problem can be prevented from happening. Furthermore, you have to regularly update your spyware to ensure that it is update with the current virus and spyware definitions.

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