Having an interesting hobby to kill time is very important. Many people who are even short of hours in the day try to manage few hours for the thing they enjoy doing the most. Many like to play music, surf through the internet, play games, etc. but there is a group of people who still believe in activities such as Cross Stitching to spend their free time. Many women across the globe prefer working on a cloth with needles in their hand and creating something amazing.

 Other than just being a hobby, cross stitching is also a source of income for many. People create amazing patterns, frame them and sell them at very good price. Cross stitching pieces are one of the main threats to the markets of painters. Many people replace paintings at their place with extraordinary cross stitch patterns. The experts who know the art of cross stitching develop masterpieces with a needle and thread and then sell it for good returns. They are no comparison to handmade needlework art pieces. They have a class that very few decorative pieces can match.

Are you thinking to start your cross stitch project and are confused about which pattern to select and learn how to stitch photos? Read through the following article and make your choice:

How To Choose The Perfect Cross Stitch Pattern?

Selecting A Design 

The foremost decision is to decide which kind of pattern you want. You should know the purpose of your project and choose the pattern accordingly. People with a religious mind may select some calligraphy or other religious patterns while few may go for flowers or natural scene shots.

If you are making this for a specific place in your living room, keep in mind the style and color scheme of your living room and select the pattern accordingly. A number of booklets of different patterns are available at book stores. Once you clearly know the style you want to go for, ask the shopkeeper for books about that design. The choices are limitless, from cartoons to sceneries, flowers, verses, etc. Almost everything can be seen in these patterns.

Know The Size Of The Picture 

Before starting with any project, be sure about the size of the finished piece that is needed.  People who are expert in the field can easily start a big project but for the beginners, we will advise to start with a small and easy pattern. Measure the wall for which you are preparing the patterns. Be aware of the frame size that you may choose and also the plain border if you intend to match your color scheme.

Working Around Color Scheme 

Once the pattern and size are finalized, it’s time to work on the color scheme, it is not necessary to follow the color scheme in the book. You can replace colors with the ones that go well with your interior. If you are not an expert, try avoiding patterns that have many colors. Starting a pattern with three four colors is easier.

Remember, proper planning can produce a masterpiece for your living room or any other purpose. Keep in mind the tips above and start your cross stitch project.

Happy Stitching!!

Carrie West is a photographer who loves to blog in her free time. She has a blog where she shares all her creative photogprah. She uses a special software by Arcsoft for giving panaromic effects to her photos whenver needed.