A good set of hi-fi speakers is like a good pair of ears. You only want ears that pick up the smallest amounts of sound and not ones that barely hear anything. Consider the same principle when you buy speakers for your home or office. Know which factors you should consider buying the right hi-fi speakers.

Find Good Hi-Fi Speakers For Your Listening Enjoyment

Acoustic Impedance

You must match the amount of impedance, numbered in ohms (Ω), to the maximum sound capability of your amplifier. Knowing every technical detail about speakers is not important. All you have to do is check the amplifier and see how many ohms are listed there.

You want ohms that vary from four to sixteen or higher. For more power, you may want higher amounts of impedance. You do not have to work with exact amounts. The maximum output of your speaker does not have to match the maximum output of your amplifier. However, an underperforming speaker should not be plugged into an amplifier. For instance, avoid using a 4 ohms speaker for a 16 ohms amplifier.

Power Handling

Most hi-fi speakers are not designed for discos and movie theatres. You cannot assume that your speakers will handle more power than designated. You are encouraged to follow the minimum and maximum amounts listed on the label.

Size And Shape

Choose the ideal size and shape of your speakers. You can choose very tall speakers that extend all the way up to the ceiling. Otherwise, choose speakers that are the height of your bookcase where you plan to place the stereo.

If you do not want to set the speakers on the floor, buy mounted speakers with stands included. Also, some speakers are small enough to be placed right on top of the bookshelves.  Most speakers are square or rectangular shaped, so you should not be too concerned about the shape.

Colour And Style

The last step is to check the specific design of the speakers. Not all speakers are black, square-shaped and heavy to carry around. There are numerous speaker colours and finishes available at stores.

In addition, consider the different styles of cabinets for your speakers. Wood is the most common material used to make cabinets. You can apply a glossy finish to enhance the appeal of wood. A finish is attractive and strong enough to prevent scratches and chips. A laminated surface is easier to clean with a wet cloth, too.

Before you think about the finish, look for wood cabinets in a variety of colours, such as black, white, tan and green. If you are tired of wood, choose steel or plastic instead. Steel has a powerful, shiny appeal for anyone wanting a futuristic-looking surround sound system.

You need speakers that last longer than you do. You cannot go with the most expensive set or the best looking ones. Only buy from a store that is known for its high quality and large selections. Consider the cost and appearance as the least important factors. You will get guaranteed quality and durability when you buy hi-fi speakers from Audio Visual Revolution.