Are you planning to play your downloaded YouTube videos on your computer? That’s great but you should know that YouTube videos come in FLV format and hence are downloaded in the same format only. The very format might not be supported by your PC. Hence, it’s best to convert the downloaded YouTube video into AVI format first before you play it on your computer. The AVI format is one most popular video format that is supported by the PCs and laptops. There are flv to avi converter software programs in the market today that will enable you to convert your FLV YouTube videos into AVI so that you can have a convenient view from your PC. The article here offers a step by step guideline on how to convert FLV videos into AVI format.

Steps To Convert FLV Videos Into AVI

Step A

To start with, you would have to search out a credible FLV to AVI converter software. Shortlist a few potential programs and get a comparison study on them. The one you take to should be the most reputed of the lot, backed by a long list of happy clientele. Then, download the software in your program and install it as per the installation instructions.

Step B

In the next step, you will choose the desired FLV file to be converted into the AVI format. If you have got multiple files for conversion, go for a converter that supports batch conversion. You will find something like Add Video on the software program from where you can select your FLV files.

Step C

Now, it’s time to choose the AVI format & settings

Go to Convert To roster on the converter software program from Video and Audio formats list. Pick the AVI format and select resolution options. More is the resolution, larger would be your output file. So, keep in mind your hard disk space before choosing the resolution.

Step D

Choose the destination of the output file. Then, you can command the software program to start with the conversion procedure. There would be something like “Convert”- click on it to initiate the conversion operation. After the conversion is complete, the new AVI file/files would automatically get saved in the decided destination folder.

When you are looking for the best FLV to AVI converter software programs, Movavi Video Converter would be a great solution. The software is a globally recognized program followed by huge user base in 150 countries.