Your smartphone talks to your laptop. Your chip-key talks to your car. And like that old game of “telephone” you played as children—passing along a whispered message between cupped hands to figure out if you were all geniuses or not—the technology you incorporate into your business balances heavily on whether or not the systems are communicating how they should be. Ideally, your smartphone, laptop, car, chip-key—and, say, your children—are all communicating simultaneously, speaking the same language. Are they?

More than likely, two or three do communicate with one another, but not all of them. What if you could get all of them talking at once?

As our smartphones begin to talk to our cars and our banks accounts and security systems, we’re witnessing the streamlined capability that comes with multi-lingual technology. And, like smartphones, web application platforms like SharePoint are being incorporated into web hosting and business models with similar results: more communication across technological boundaries. They’re changing the game.

Brainstorm the amount of information that travels through various mediums in a single day of work. Most mediums should be communicating with one another: email to email, computer to printer, web to server, boss to employee. And most of it works well, enabling the executions of projects on time, the transfer of files, data movement. With web application platforms, you enable your business to cover an even broader range of communication, all under one system, all at one time. The benefit here—with web hosting, specifically—is that you can create cooperation between multiple aspects of your technology infrastructure. Problem-solve with the same system. Collaborate. Get your team members fluent under one platform and watch what happens.

Document management, websites, collaboration, security, networking, server management—SharePoint, and similar systems, wrap this into a bundle of cross-networking communication and organization. All of those different voices speaking the same language. Moving beyond the basic SharePoint configuration, you’re able to continue this level of communication as the technology you use grows with your business. Regardless if you have dedicated, multi-tenant or cloud hosting, SharePoint is able to maintain and manage your technology systems.

So how would you incorporate such a large system into your infrastructure? In the spirit of talking, Rackspace now offers help with SharePoint deployment, no matter your hosting option. These Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) experts can help guide your team and brainstorm ways a SharePoint system can work for your dedicated server at a localized level. With multi-tenant servers, SharePoint becomes a great tool for collaboration, allowing you to communicate more openly while maintaining data security.

The options are out there to better develop communication in your business. With the capabilities of platforms like SharePoint, you open the door to a far more streamlined network. Get talking.