Improving the fluidity and quality of a business’ communication center for sales is an important target. Overall efficiency not only increases qualified sales leads, but it can allow a business to focus on quality leads – and not spending time on others. It can certainly allow a business’ sales force to turn the corner. While there are plenty of inefficiencies in sales forces, live transfer seeks to remedy the problem with innovative features.

Identifying the need for a better solution

Are business leads easy? When it comes to the varied nature of call centers with your business, it’s anything but straightforward.

According to CRM Buyer’s Dan McDade, an average of 6.3 percent of the total lead stream is “worked to a viable conclusion.” McDade adds that sales takes a hit due to “being frustrated at the unrealistic expectation that they should cull through unqualified leads.” On the other side of the picture, the best sales organizations achieve 90 percent of their sales team quota.

Unqualified leads may only be part of the problem, yet they command quite a substantial portion thereof. As resources are constantly applied to these unqualified leads, the sales team loses efficiency. Naturally, obtaining a large percentage of qualified leads could make a big difference.

Live transfer attempts to solve that problem by utilizing call center representatives to screen and qualify prospects. Not only does this greatly help conversion rates, but it can ease the stress on a business’ sales force.

The emergence of live transfer services

One live transfer service, Integrate, demonstrates what live transfer “looks like” and how it can be valuable to a company:

  • The consumer calls the live transfer services
  • A script is given to the customer, originating from the company
  • The call center verifies the information and call
  • The live transfer service verifies the information and call
  • The caller only then reaches the company

With a look at the problems previously identified, live transfer services seek to improve the efficiency of the process. This is done by using the company-produced script in the initial phone call. Once it passes quality assurance, it can make its way to a company. Hence, the qualified lead is as close to assured as possible. Unlike another overseas call center, it brings another set of eyes to the equation. Of course, all information is kept secure.

As services like these make up the live transfer field, the business relevance becomes very clear: Efficiency, quality control and qualified leads are brought to the company. Prior, businesses could only dream of the difference it could make. Yet, live transfer services are now bringing this game-changing dynamic to business sales forces to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Live transfer services are revolutionizing business’ sales teams. By giving a business another set of eyes, removing unqualified prospects allows sales teams to thrive and realize their productivity goals. Could live transfer services be a thing for the future? They certainly have the potential to change the efficiency and productivity of any business.