Email marketing, as the name suggests, is a type of marketing done over the internet by sending emails to various groups of people. The target group of people are prospective consumers of a particular product. The email sent is a commercial message, mostly consisting of promotional articles listing various offers, special discounts, latest additions etc.

What is e-Mail Marketing?

There are Two Important Tasks that are to be Achieved by email Marketing:

  • To Promote Business and ensure Repeat Business

Business is all about connecting with people. More the network expands, more the sales are expected to increase. A business without promotion is as good as an abandoned one.

To ensure repeat business it is important to let the customer know about the new deals and offers that are specially made for the old customers. Many times there are pretty discounts on offer for the customers who return back to the site regularly to purchase the products.

  • To attract New Customers, and Cementing the Relationship with Old Customers

New customers are as important to a thriving business as is fresh air to us.

It ensures the growth of business and one should always focus on increasing the number of customers. But as the saying goes old is gold, the old customers should be treated with various discounts and offer from time to time to enhance and ensure the customer loyalty.

There are Two Types of email Marketing. They are as follows:

  1. Direct Emails
  2. Transactional Emails

What is Direct Email Marketing?

Email marketing via Direct mails is a method in which promotional mails are sent to prospective email ids. These email ids can be collected from certain service companies that have huge databases of email addresses and phone numbers. Several companies may themselves collect and build up a list of customers based on their ages, occupation, location etc.

What is Transactional Email Marketing?

Transactional emails are those emails that are initially triggered by a customer’s interaction with the company site.

They can include messages like

  1. Dropped basket messages
  2. Order confirmation emails
  3. Purchase confirmation emails
  4. Email receipts.

 Transactional Email and Its Primary Intention

The purpose of transactional email primarily, is to convey a message to the customer citing the reason of his or her receiving the particular email. Mainly the message will contain the information about the action that has been taken by the customer which has in turn triggered the reception of the promotional or transactional emails that are being received by the customer. This mode of email marketing has a very bright future and can open up a floodgate of opportunities for the business to grow.

The transactional emails mainly try to attract the customers and grab their attention to finally engage them into conversations like answering their queries about the product and clearing their doubts. Now when the customers respond positively and the product is sold, the email is supposed to be converted to sales. The rate at which the emails get converted to sales is known as the email marketing conversion rates.

Transactional Email Support

Transactional email support is also provided by many software vendors through their email newsletter where transactional emails are allowed to include the message that is intended for the promotion of the product.

Many other software vendors also offer different kind of transactional email support. These transactional email supports are very specialized. Transactional emails that target a particular group of customers who are more likely to buy the product depending on various factors. These specialized emails can also be personalized, depending on the demands and criteria of the support provider and the customer.

Email Marketing is a much faster way of attracting customers and boosting sales than traditional advertising marketing.

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