What Are The Essential Elements Of Content Writing For Landing Pages?After looking at the growing needs of professional writers, Google enhances the requirement of good-quality content. For the time being, more and more small businesses are using new technology to access the real capabilities of internet marketing in full. In terms of online marketing, writers are widely demanded to generate new varieties of content like landing page.

About Landing Page

As a gateway to a target webpage, landing pages are also a standalone page to connect visitors with the business by providing their desired information. As a business owner, you can employ a landing page generator in order to capture huge attention of the customers as well as search giants.

Including, coupon, map and a free program, a relevant strategy of landing page content writing can greatly enhance the credibility of your website by facilitating search engine and visitors. Google really appreciates transparent, easy-to-navigate and original landing page. With good quality landing page, a website can easily strengthen its Adwords Quality Score and improve page ranks and online presence as well as reduce unnecessary advertizing costs. Designed for desktops, a typical landing page includes a smart and robust call to action and contact data. When visitors like your Facebook page or add their email address or other information, they will be rewarded with limited-period offer, special discounts or free e-book. Once they subscribe to your business newsletter, they will be notified with new offerings and upcoming discounts. For the business owners, landing page gives the reward of engaged customers and important visitors’ insights.

As per the screen size of smart phones and tablets, landing pages of mobile version typically include contact and business information along with details regarding special products and offerings and store locator via Google Maps. According to a survey conducted by Google on September 2012, mediocre user’s experience in mobile phones makes half of the smart phone users ditch the business. Hence, lots of savvy business owners starting with landing page to attract their customers.

Essential Elements of Landing Page Content Writing

The strategies of content writing are almost same, it doesn’t matter landing page and website have slight differences in looks. An efficient landing page always targets on making real sales pitch and balance the effective leads.

As a content writer on landing page, you have to target a particular package and deliver all the relevant details about it. Without any fluff words, craft a copy of content that is driven with keywords and that involves sensible call to action and action verbs. Message should be clear with simple wording. For instance, add these types of words – To buy the product, subscribe to newsletter or blog or download free e-book in order to get effective returns. Rather than introducing customers with “what” for features, tell them about “why” for its benefits.

To draw attention, you should start with engaging heading, strong phrases or keywords in the text as well as call to action. As pop-ups are strictly disallowed by Google on the landing page, try to provide all the relevant and critical company details on one page. Google also charges penalties if visitors are distracted from the correct direction in your landing page. So, add only one link that can land your target customers to desired webpage. Don’t write casually as you do in blogs and don’t write words in italics or crazy colors.

Author Bio: This comprehensive guide is posted by Alice Aires. In order to draw the attention of new customers and visitors, landing page plays the role of a magnet. As a content writer, she is telling about the value of a landing page generator for internet marketing.