One of the best ways to improve your presence online is by blogging on other people’s blogs and websites. This process is known as guest blogging and is becoming extremely powerful. However, you cannot just opt for any website and blog. You will need to follow these steps to find one that really will help your business to gain any benefit from it.

  1. Look for Those in Your Niche: Blogs and websites will work within one niche. This is becoming better for the internet so that each person can build authority. You will need to choose a niche for your own blog and then find others that work within that niche to help you – or find an angle to work both niches together. For example, you may have a blog in the freelance niche to help people benefit through freelancing but you could write on an SEO or internet marketing blog by offering tips for freelancers within that area.
  2. Look for Authoritative Blogs: You want to write in places that have a large following. If it doesn’t, how will it help you improve your traffic and readership? Spend some time looking through the posts and checking out the comments. This is a great way to see how many people read the blog on a daily basis and which types of posts are the most popular with people. This will help you create a post that will send those readers to your own blog or website.
  3. Think About the Keyword Phrases: Watch out for being too dense with the phrases but look out for those that will attract more people. Your post will also help the website that you are writing on as you bring your own readers there and will create a post that people will want to search for. The blog owner may have other ideas about the keyword phrases so work with them to create something that you are both happy with.
  4. Reply to the Comments: You can’t just post the blog post and then walk away. Once it is up, you will need to create a conversation with people and show that you are active. This will often be part of the deal to guest post on the site. People reading it may have their own questions for you or may have another insight that you haven’t provided. By commenting back, you will show that you are open to suggestions, willing to answer questions and improve your reach considerably more. The blog owner may also offer a regular post to guest on the blog in the future.
  5. Offer Something Valuable: You can’t just post anything and expect it to reach the millions. Like with your own blog, your posts need to be valuable. They need to give a reason for people to read it and comment afterwards and then check out your own blog. They need to give the blog owner a reason to post it –it may be something that he or she has never posted before or another take on a popular topic. Think about the words that you are posting and always ask yourself why – why should anyone want to go to you to find out more? If your post doesn’t offer value, don’t expect the website owner to post it.


There are many websites now offering to pay people for their guest posts. It is a great incentive for people to write but you shouldn’t do it for the money. You need to find sites that match your niche – or link to it –  and then create a post worth reading to improve the traffic going to your blog.

Author bio:

James White aims to become a renowned name when it comes to coming up with innovative Internet Marketing/SEO strategies, similar to Eric Schiffer.