The increasing trend of use of social media for the purpose of online promotion has in some ways undermined the importance of a blog. Now businesses and online marketers are more concerned about building their Twitter or Facebook profile, than sharing useful information about their brand on their blog.

No denying the increasing impact of social media, yet the importance of blog is not to be undervalued in any way. A blog is still one of the most influential and crucial online mouthpieces of a business. The lines below give the major reasons why a website marketing company or a business should stick with a blog and reap its bounties.

1. Foundation For Social Media:

Abandoning blog because most of the discussions are taking place on social media is not a good reason at all. Social media has its limitation, the point where social media ceases to work, is where the realm of a blog starts. A company cannot convey its full message and information on a tweet; neither can it share it as a status of Facebook, thus the importance of blog is inevitable. A business can write a 500 words post on blog, then share its link on Facebook and Twitter, this way the followers of both platforms visit the website of the company. When writing a post for the blog you should consider the following things:

  • The information your target audience requires
  • The ways in which you can contribute to web in a unique manner
  • The ways in which your writing will be beneficial for the business from monetary perspective.

2. Building Trust:

Blog is another tool with the help of which one can build trust of customers. The customers are skeptic, and do not trust any brand easily. When sharing something on your blog, following things can help build trust:

  • Helping and truth based content
  • A beautiful and simple design of the blog
  • The writing, void of any grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Professional logo
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Presence of comments of other customers or followers
  • Links from authoritative sources

3. Exercising Creativity:

The thing which every SEO services provider would tell a business is to be creative. In the online world, the more creative and unique you are, the more will you stand apart from the competition. Blog is a good tool that helps a business become creative and different. A blog can help you become creative in the following ways:

  • A content that generates discussion will lead to new ideas, and a business can use these ideas to become creative.
  • Blogging can also help in reducing the pressure on the mind, and once the mind is light, it gets open to ideas.
  • With blogging, you get to know about the areas that require creativity and innovation.

4. Organic Traffic:

No one can deny the importance of blog when it comes to organic search traffic, the more traffic a website receives, the more leads, and consequently more chances of increasing revenue. Consistent blogging means a consistent increase in traffic, therefore, higher revenue.

5. Business Model:

There are people and businesses that have used blog as a business model and achieved success. The definition of business model varies from person to person, yet, blog fulfills all of the business needs, whether you want to sell your book, or you want to establish your brand.


In short, the above given reasons are justifications enough of the importance of a blog. No matter what your objectives are from the blog, the key lies in consistency. The more consistent you are in your approach with the blog, the more long-term benefits will you receive.