Wedding, the word is enough to imbibe lots of excitement, lots of enthusiasm, lots of drama and notably, a lot of anxiety. That is a fact as undeniable as you need two to wed.

While you have found your perfect match, your ideal S.O., it is likely you are thinking what we are thinking. A wedding is in the making. And so is a wedding album. And so is a wedding video.

But first, let’s get down to the basics. The destination? Yes, the basic of all the basics, the wedding destination is the prime pick before we move on to the matter of this tête-à-tête.

Ingredient #1

 ‘Destination’ In Destination Wedding

What Can Truly Make A Wedding Album Look Great?

When we speak of destination weddings, all the glam scam come to the mind. While that sure is a fancy start for a thought, it likely is capable of digressing you from the main point.

The main point here is having a destination with a magical aura, one that romanticizes your entire romantic rendezvous.

And when speaking of such an aura, we couldn’t hold back from introducing you to a brilliant wedding destination near Mumbai and Pune and Lonavla and Khandala.

That place is Phaltan with its mystical beauty, and its vast landscapes, and its photogenic sites, and an absolute piece of beauty-with-brain somewhere in between, called Jakson Inns.

As a wedding venue with a splendor of its own, Jakson Inns presents on the wedding destination platter, its sprawling lawns garnished magnificently with scenic settings.

A magical place for your magical moment, aka your grand wedding, Jakson Inns’ lawns can vividly accommodate over a thousand guests.

Now imagine the captivating combination of myriad bright colors or subtle colors, the ones that you fancy, some coming from the lights, others from the flowers and yet many others from the decorated clothes making waves with the flowing wind.

Wouldn’t it be lovely?

You know what would be lovelier? All that being captured in the camera by your wedding photographer: catching memories from the most memorable day of your life.

And your portraits with that enrapturing setup? Mesmerizing, they absolutely will be.

Setup, there we have our second ingredient.

Ingredient #2

Wedding Decor

What Can Truly Make A Wedding Album Look Great?

What gives a wedding destination a makeover instantly, or laboriously so to say, are wedding décors.

It’s no hidden truth that a lot of thought goes into creating brilliant wedding décors. Your wedding planner would have plenty to say about that quite certainly.

But what if you offer your wedding planner a mind-blowing venue? Won’t his genius then be able to create a fancy plan for your pre-wedding and wedding décor, ultimately adding that magic to your wedding?

You with Jakson Inns’ competent team and your wedding planner can create the kind of wedding décors only seen in the most famous romcoms, or perhaps your wedding dreams.

Leave it to our team for creating tantalizing theme setups, glorious lighting, and music and other event arrangements.

Discussion about décor here leads us to our third top ingredient, closely associated with décor.

Ingredient #3


What Can Truly Make A Wedding Album Look Great?

Now, wedding is but one part of the array of functions connected to an Indian wedding. We are talking about Sangeet here, and Mehendi, and Haldi, and more.

For all that you need different setups, don’t you? After all, we are talking destination weddings, and what are destination weddings without different setups for different wedding functions, right? Right.

With Jakson Inns’ brilliant architecture you get a plethora of options to have your pre-wedding functions in.

Say, how does Jakson Inn’s wide terrace sound for your Haldi function? With enchanting views on all sides, your rooftop Haldi function will be a rocking event, to say the least.

For another instance, consider how delightful your Mehendi function will be by the poolside at Jakson Inns.

And those photographs, the ones your ace photographer will click off your Haldi function, and the ones clicked by your family and friends, they’ll soon be all over the social media.

And your pre-wedding functions might just become the talk of the town, and who knows even the talk of generations. How you want that, don’t you?

Ingredient #4


Nowthen, when we are talking about ingredients, how can we leave the substance of its origin behind.

Why is food one of the top ingredients for a perfect wedding, you ask?

It’s simple. Because food makes everything better. Even the wedding album.

It’s easy to imagine when after all the hoos and haas of each of your pre-wedding function, your beloved guests are served with delectable dishes in cuisines of your choice ranging amongst Continental and Italian, Chinese and Indian, and abundant varieties of the Indian cuisine. It’s mouthwatering already, isn’t it?

So, while you leave your folks dancing and talking, having them enjoy every bit of your pre-wedding, and wedding party, we serve the most mouthwatering food that will lift their moods tremendously.

Then when your ace photographer is on the job, brilliant smiles and elated guests at your wedding will be captured.

There, you have both your wedding and wedding album sorted.

Ingredient #5

Fun Activities

Now, Indian Weddings are nothing short of a mind-blowing adventure.

Let your ladies and their men, and kids and their little escapades add charm to your destination wedding and its album.

How would you do that? Is that what we hear?

By leaving it all to us. Simple.

At Jakson Inns we have got these high spirited, skilled, creative and lovely souls who simply create beautiful memories for people they meet, greet and serve. Leave it on them to make every function of your great Indian wedding, a wonderful event.

During all that, let your photographer capture random moments of fun that your folks and you have, like when diving into the pool, or on a stroll down the salad garden, or simply cheering at various events.

You hear that?

That’s the sigh of relief. Yours…