You don’t have to be an armchair coach to want a career in sports management. There are so many facets to this exciting field that anyone with a passion for sports can find a career path that suits them. All you really needs is a love of the industry, the drive to further your career and certain skill sets to get in the game.

What Does Sports Management Involve?

Many of us dream of a career in athletics, but not all of us have the prowess to become an athlete. Sports management is about more than coaching teams, but there’s some of that, too. Whether you’ve dreamed of traveling the world to promote your favorite team or you yearn to help young people fulfill their own dreams of glory, you’ll be prepared to put your passion into play.

There’s a whole world of possibilities for those who love the industry and want to be a part of it, whether it’s on the business side of things or on the filed. Sports management degrees will prepare you for leadership positions like:

* Intercollegiate sports administration

* Professional administration

* Sports marketing

* Sports journalism and media

* Community-based and youth sports administration

* Fitness and sports club management

What Kind of Education Do You Need?

Educational opportunities range from certifications in specific segments of the sporting industry to post-graduate degrees like those offered at Adelphi University. Their masters degree program offers a well-rounded curriculum, and sports management masters candidate have an option for two specializations:

Sports Marketing

This career path guides students to the lucrative world of sports branding, merchandising and promotions. Many graduates have begun rewarding careers with professional sports franchises and world-renowned firms.

Collegiate Athletic Administration

If you’re looking into coaching, team management or training tomorrow’s pro athletes, this is the program for you. Coursework also focuses on the administrative side of things, such as running an academic athletic department, sports law and compliance issues. You’ll also delve into PR-related knowledge like event planning and media relations.

What Kind of Background Do You Need for a Masters in Sports Management?

The only prerequisite for a program like this is an undergraduate degree in a filed like business or marketing. Online masters programs are six semesters and can be finished at your own pace, but you can have your degree in as little as two years. Best of all, you still get the benefits of attending a reputable university, like networking and alumni support.

The typical program requirements for a degree program like this include two foundation courses, both introductory, four core courses and five specializations courses. There’s also a required sports management capstone credit or possible internship. capstone courses are designed for those who have work or family responsibilities that would make a residency impractical.

Colleges and universities have gone out of their way to cater to adults students who want to continue their education. With online classes and instructors who have real-world experience in the subjects they teach, you can be sure of getting a comprehensive course of study that will prepare you to succeed in your chosen field. It’s never too late early or too late to think about an exciting new future.