A Brew tour well planned is real fun and stress free with everyone enjoying the local craft beer. It better to have someone experienced to plan for this as it takes lot of work. It is exciting to try variety of beers at every stop and great food to along with it.

Reasons A Brewery Tour Is Simply The Best Bachelor Party

  • Choose an experienced Driver. No one in your group needs to be left out of the fun by designating one of the group members to be the driver, hence hire a driver for the tour who is well versed with places you plan to visit.
  • Plan well ahead. Do your research and select a good brew tour organiser. An experienced tour operator will know the right mix of breweries and will pace the drinking with delicious food to make your tour full of fun.  You can book months in advance without fixing the actual date, the date can be arrived at after giving your preferences and finding out the available dates with the tour operator.
  • Ample Variety You get a wide variety of beers on the tour. A visit to three or four different breweries and tasting fifteen or more varieties of locally brewed beer tour houston  like  stouts and porters, lagers and pilsners, saisons, IPAS and many more styles.
  • Food plans To keep the party spirit high and enjoyable it is very important to plan for a delicious meal that is filling too with the beer. Going all day and night will need a high level of energy and bellies that stay full.
  • Essential Brew tour It is not enough to just taste the different varieties of beers and different breweries, it is important to get a close up look at the way these beers are made by touring the brewery manufacturing units to see the process your beer goes through before being presented to you in the beer mug. It is interesting to understand the various stages of brewing, the quality of ingredients, the process of fermenting and the variations and to know the history of how the brewing was started, down through the ages up to the methods adopted to the craft brewing of today.
  • Taking care to keep in good shape While on the brew tour it is very important to ensure that the bachelors are taken care of and kept in good shape till the tour is completed. The whole fun of the tour goes sour if the people start feeling sick at the end of the tour or sometimes in the middle of the tour. This would happen if they are presented too much to drink early in the tour. It is important to pace the drinking and enable them to savour all the types and varieties of beer without over drinking and spoiling the fun. The punishment and suffering due to having a drink too much will spoil the whole taste of the brewery tour. The brewery tour should end on a note leading to a great evening of celebrations and not the end of it.