We all love and value our collection of fine jewelry. I try my best to keep my luxe jewelry shining bright as new. It is not a very difficult task. In fact, I sometimes enjoy doing it! If you too happen to be a jewelry enthusiast like me who is always getting in and out of fine jewelry stores in Miami, then you are at the right place. Here I have compiled a to-do list of maintenance that is necessary to ensure that your fine jewelry is always maintained in its best shape.

Taking Care of Sterling Silver

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Precious Gold and Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is prone to getting oxidized. If you want to ensure that your precious sterling silver jewelry stays with you for a long, long time, then you should follow the steps given below:

Your silver jewelry should always be stored in a dry and cool area. The right way to store silver is in a bag of soft cloth. A good way to ensure that your silver jewelry does not develop scratch marks is by storing them separately.

There is commercial jewelry cleaning solutions available in the market. You could walk into a fine jewelry store anywhere in Miami and ask for a good cleaner. Cleaners are usually not necessary. You could also wash your silvers with a mixture of water and gentle soap.

Oxidization in silver jewelry is caused due to its exposure to light and air. The next time you are storing your silver, ensure that they are in a tightly sealed cloth bag that does not allow tarnishing. Much like other precious jewels, you must avoid wearing your silver jewelry when planning to dive into chlorinated hot tubs, pools, or when going to work with chlorinated household cleaners.

Now, this is a mistake we all tend to make. It is never the right thing to polish your jewelry with paper towels or tissue paper, no matter how soft they feel. It could leave scratches on your beautiful silver jewelry. The only thing that should ever be used to clean silver jewelry is a soft piece of cloth.

Taking Care of Gold Jewelry

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Precious Gold and Silver Jewelry

Although gold jewelry is available in varied designs and colors, their care process is same.

Soaps and shampoos can result in a thin covering being formed over your gold jewelry. To avoid this, it is best to not wear your gold to the shower. This practice could also save you some future cleaning sessions.

As with many other fine jewelry, invest in a good commercial cleaner for your gold as well.  Besides a good mixture of ammonia and water, you could also get rid of tough grease stains by keeping the jewelry in plain alcohol. There are ultrasonic cleaning devices available in the market that can be used to clean gold jewelry that does not have any gemstones in it. You could always walk into your nearest fine jewelry store and ask the jeweler for further advice. It is best to seek professional advice for gold jewelry that is embellished with gemstones; the cleaning requirements vary for different gemstones.

Taking care of sterling silver and gold jewelry is not a hard task. In fact, the procedures for cleaning both these kinds of fine jewelry is fairly similar. It is best to consult a good jeweler if you have doubts of any kind. Also, a word of advice- be careful with gold jewelry that has gemstones. Gemstones have a different cleaning method depending upon their type. I do agree that the need for regular cleaning might get to you sometimes, but, in the end, it is all worth it.

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