Lucknow is primarily recognized for its rich culture, traditions, hospitality, dialect, etc. For a long period of time, it retained the essence of the old world. However, the city is rapidly changing and a number of options are popping up for enjoying nightlife in the city.

It is no big surprise Lucknow is a one amongst the oldest cities in India, aside from this, city of Nawabs is additionally known for its way of life, customs, traditions, dialect, hospitality, and literature. However, there is no denying Lucknow is still a long way behind than the major Indian metropolitans to offers some exciting nightlife experience for tourists coming to the city and additionally Lucknowites themselves. There is still a habit amongst the locals that instead to going to bars, pubs and clubs, they prefer eating out, having fun in shopping centers, and get together with family and friends. These are their way of enjoying the time. Be that as it may, as India is changing, Lucknow is changing, the thoughts, lifestyle, and habits of Lucknow are changing. People are more practical and are trying different things, which a couple of years ago no one would have thought of doing.

Lucknow holds some premium dance club and bars, which are basically situated in luxurious areas and shopping centers, and needless to say, they are costly as well; even when compared with the clubs of major metro cities in India. Lucknow additionally mixed with number of parks and gardens where you can visit starting from early in the morning till 9 PM. Find here which are “must go” pubs and clubs in Lucknow.

Sports – The Sports Bar

Strokes, the sports bar is situated in Capoor’s inn in Lucknow. The first and maybe one and only of its kind, Strokes offers some amazing music. It likewise feature juggling bartenders, which is an oddity for smaller hotels in India!

Seven Heaven

Connected to the Gemini International hotel in the city, is the “Seven Heaven” a cocktail and mocktail bar, which serves a variety of the finest wines, liquors, mixed drinks and mocktails. The Hotel itself is aptly situated in the heart of the Lucknow city.


Situated in the Vivanta by Taj Hotel in Gomti Nagar, the bar is distinctively noticed as the bar with a license of poetry. Maybe the most mainstream lounge bar in the city, Saqi would not fail to awe you with its sensitive stylistic interior, steady stream of beverages and immaculate four star administration. Appreciate some incredible mixed drinks and snacks with your liquor, or get a mocktail of your decision from the creative barman, who will present you with some invigorating flavors made from crisp natural products!

These are the best bars in Lucknow where you can appreciate great nightlife! They indeed will unquestionably give a break from your tiring tour timetable. Lucknow does not have any suitable spot where couples can unwind; the bars can give the right mood. These spots are often visited by individuals who think on the same lines.

Reaching Lucknow by Air

The Lucknow airport is 14 km far from the heart of the city. It is well connected with airports in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, and Mumbai by every day flights. There are Bangalore Lucknow flights as well, flying at regular time intervals.