A new year has begun along with fresh and new hairstyles. Check out the current trendy do’s whether short, medium or long and which celebrity is wearing it best for 2016.

Princess Kate

This year natural is in. Long, luscious hair gives the princess many styling options. Depending on the occasion she can wear her gorgeous locks down in flowing waves or in an elegant updo parted down the front or to the side. Those lucky enough to have naturally curly hair won’t have to spend much time styling it. For straight hair, create loose, beachy waves with a curling iron and some product to hold the shape.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has enjoyed very long and very short hairstyles, but this year’s medium bob perfectly complements her long face. Wearing a side part also balances well with her high forehead. The simple and easy style can be worn anywhere. To create texture, her bob has a jagged cut throughout. Adding a little product to the ends will tame fly-away hair and add volume. Jennifer is ready for a casual shopping day or a glitzy awards show.

Jamie Pressly

Talking about celebrity short hairstyles, this is the one to beat. The back was cut short with longer layers in the front and sides. The sides are pushed behind the ears with wispy bangs across the forehead. Jamie’s very short pixie only enhances her best facial features. The cut compliments the square shape of her face and her high cheekbones, while the bangs soften her high forehead and allow her gorgeous blue eyes to pop.

Jessica Alba

Jessica’s classically darker features go wonderfully with her wavy, medium length hair. To soften her dark brunette locks, Jessica adds lighter highlights, creating extra style and depth. A jagged cut to the end creates texture. Parted down the middle, or on either side, her curly waves cascade down her beautiful oval face. This is a no-fuss do. Add a small amount of product to hold the waves and Jessica is ready to go.

Tyra Banks

Her short and sassy pixie cut truly flatters her round face. It has been cut very short in the back and longer on the sides and in the front. With Tyra’s thick hair this cut can be worn wavy, curly or straight depending on her mood. The short do also enhances her long thin neck. Apply a small amount of product to hold the style and add extra shine.