Recently, with the growing talk of the iPhone 5 the company has been able to catch much of the attention of potential customers who are considering buying the iPhone 5. To gain some idea of what this potential number might be a survey was conducted in Australia and it has brought about some interesting figures.

The survey was conducted over a period of three weeks beginning from July 3rd to the 26th. Emails were sent out to those who had subscribed to the webpage of the and almost 1,352 responded. Out of the total of the 1,352 respondents, 649 were men and 703 were female respectively. They were mainly from NSW and Victoria.

The respondents that answered were a mix palate of people of all ages. Approximately 26% were those in between the age bracket of 26 to 35. The remaining were divided with 12 % in the age bracket of 13 to 16 and the rest between 45 to 66+. 35 to 45 shared 23 % showing that out of the total the major number of people who did show much interest were around 25 to 45 years old.

The respondents were asked if they previously owned any of Apples products mainly the iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4. 64% indeed did own an iPhone making it clear that they could defiantly not get enough of it and had to get a better upgrade. We would not even disagree to them as it is true that once you have experienced something great at times you just want it to keep on getting better. Customers are hoping that with the iPhone 5 they will be able to do much more and indeed the new phone will be free from the many problems in the previous cell phones. The rest who did not own an iPhone before claimed that they needed one now due to all that they have heard about it.

However, even after the survey we can never be quite sure of the true picture as till now many do not really know if half the rumors would be true. Many people might later change their mind if the product does not turn out to be as they had imagined.  However, we expect great things from it and hope that our hunch is correct and that iPhone 5 does see a bright new day.