There are various ways of defining intelligence. These ways are by using logic, abstract thoughts, communication, learning, planning and creativity. One should be capable of perceiving and retaining information. Generally, it is assumed that intelligence is present in humans but can be observed in non humans like plants and animals. The intelligence which is present in machines is known as artificial intelligence. Intelligence can also be defined as that someone should have skills for solving problems. The another way of defining intelligence is if you are in a situation where you have no idea what to do and your response or your action in that situation is called intelligence. We can say intelligence is an idea which is hypothetical. Some thinks intelligence can be inherited and some thinks, it depends on the environment. According to studies, heredity plays an important role in determining the intelligence. So, we can say that genes can define our intelligence quality and can also define process information ability.

Multiple Intelligence

This theory was given by Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, behavior will be considered as intelligence if the behavior is out of seven categories he developed. According to Gardner, these are the few learning styles:

Visual-spatial: In this we have to think using physical space just like architects do. It contains tools like graphics, drawings, charts, videos, multimedia etc.


In this, we have to make use of our body just like dancers do. It contains tools like equipments and objects which are real.


This method is used by music lovers. They are affected by sounds in their environment. With the background music, their concentration in the study increase.


In this, students learn through interacting with other students. These students learn in seminars, groups. It contains tools like video and audio conferencing, email etc.


These students shy from other students. They interact with their inner feelings. They are very confident and have their own opinions. It contains tools like books, diaries etc.


These are the students which have extra ordinary auditory skills and learn through these skills. Tools used are computers, tape recorders, lecture etc.


These are the students which think very conceptually and can learn through mysteries, logic games etc.

Emotional Intelligence

In this, emotions of an individual itself and emotions of others are monitored. Three models are there:

Ability model: This model was given by Peter Salovey and John Mayer. In this ability of an individual to deal with emotional information is mainly focused.

Trait model: This model was given by Konstantin Vasily Petrides. In this model, the main focus is on self report.

Mixed model: It is the combination of ability and trait model. It was given by Daniel Goleman. It focuses on leadership quality of an individual. It is said that people which are included in this model have greater mental health.

Multiple intelligence theory is important in real life as we can experience different kind of students who learn through multimedia, audio conferencing, video conferencing, musical instruments, email, writing, books, diaries, tape recorders, and logic games etc. which are included in theory of multiple intelligence.

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