Spending holidays in Dubai is a great opportunity not only to get a beautiful suntan, joyful mood and pleasant memories, but also to buy lots of nice things. So, don’t miss the chance to surprise your relatives and friends who are waiting for you at home with some great presents. In fact, it’s not so easy to choose a gift in Dubai as it might seem at first glance, because almost every store offers a huge variety of souvenirs. But in this article you will find the ideas of the most memorable and profitable gifts from Dubai that you can proudly present to your beloved ones… And, of course, make sure you buy something nice for yourself!

#1: Gold Jewelry

The Gold Souk

Dubai is famous worldwide for the variety of gold jewelry. The largest gold market (Gold Souk) in the region lies in the heart of Deira, which is the commercial business district. There’s a huge choice of gold produce in this market and you can easily get a reduction of the price due to the high competition among the salesmen. By the way, except for gold items, you can also find silver and diamond jewelry in the market.

#2: Perfumes and aroma oils

The main peculiarity of the local perfume is that it doesn’t contain alcohol at all, which would normally evaporate because of the heat. A genuine Arabic perfume is based only on natural essential oils. You can even ask a local perfumer to make a unique aroma composition for you. It can be done not only in specialty stores or departments, but also in Deira Old Market or Spice Market. If you prefer ordinary perfumes then you can find them at reduced prices in the duty free shop at Dubai airport.

Love Stories Perfume

#3: Camel milk chocolate

Camel milk is very much appreciated in the UAE. It has a number of useful properties and is considered healthier than cow milk. Local residents say that camel milk strengthens the immune system. In Dubai foreign tourists can buy a chocolate made on the basis of the milk. This kind of gift will certainly please anyone you present it to. You can try camel milk and buy a bar of chocolate in Al Majlis cafe in Dubai Mall.

#4: Cashmere shawls and national clothing

A cashmere shawl is a great accessory that any woman would like. The most expensive shawl is made of natural cashmere or cashmere with addition of silk, a cheaper shawl includes cotton and wool. You can also consider buying Arabic national clothing – kandura for men and abaya for women. In Al Ghurair City shopping center located on Rigga Road there are many shops selling traditional clothing.

Abaya fashions

#5: Eastern sweets

Another nice present from Dubai that anyone would love is local sweets. Among the oriental sweets familiar to most of us are halva, sherbet or Turkish delight. But when you go to the local candy store you will be astonished by the variety of Arabic sweets! You can also buy local dates, which are presented in a variety of forms in Dubai.

#6: Coffee and coffee pot


Arabic coffee pot (“Dallah”) can be purchased at any store or in the market. If you want to buy one for everyday use then you should give preference to the old pots made of copper. Such souvenir from Dubai is available only in specialized departments of the malls and antique shops. If you want to use a coffee pot as an element of interior decoration, you can choose a cheaper one, made of brass. A good alternative to the coffee pot can be a vacuum flask with Arabic patterns. Regarding the Arabic coffee (“Kahwa”), its taste is quite specific, and not everyone might like it.  Also the method of preparing kahwa is different from the common way of making coffee and requires certain skills. So, better think twice before you buy it.

#7: Hookah, pipe and tobacco


Hookahs are available in all major supermarkets, malls and markets. Some models are elegant, some – more practical with special covers for transportation. An average size hookah costs around $15-50, and the cost depends on the finish and the beauty of the item. Also men would certainly appreciate a hand-made clay pipe called “Midwakh”. The traditional smoking pipe and tobacco are available in Deira fish market.

#8: Spices

At first it may seem that spices are not really a memorable gift that you can bring home from Dubai. But you are wrong regarding that, since Arabic spices will be a great present for any gourmet. You can find various kinds of spices in Dubai Spice Market. By the way, the spice market in Dubai is distinguished by the fact that not all of the spices presented there can be found in Dubai malls. And some spices you won’t even find anywhere else around the whole UAE!

Dubai - Spice Souk

In fact, there are many other interesting things in Dubai that you could bring as a present for your beloved ones, but in this article we tried to mention only the items that you could easily put in the suitcase. While shopping in Dubai, you can take advantage of Dubai Airport car rental service, which will let you easily get to any place you need.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that when you buy something in Dubai always try to bargain, because bargaining in the East is an old tradition, a kind of an exciting game. Therefore never give up and strive for the most suitable price for yourself. This can bring you not only great budget benefits, but also lots of fun!