Fishing has been a favorite sport since times immemorial. The ancient men were greatly dependent upon it for their food, especially in coastal areas. Apart from being an excellent source of income, today, fishing has become a very important hobby. People take their days off and spend their time fishing and relaxing. It gives one a strange happiness. No wonder, we all love fishing! However, it is not uncommon to see people getting hurt in this sport. Fish hooks and rods can pose a serious danger as they are very pointed. Drowning and accidents occur too if one is not careful enough.

So here are some ways how you could enjoy fishing yet save your skin too.

Know what is safe

Some common rules must be followed the next time you go fishing:

  • Make sure you have company. It is not advisable to go alone. In case, one person gets injured, the other one can take steps to provide aid.
  • Make sure at least one of your kin knows where you went, when you will come back, etc.
  • Always carry a charged mobile phone with you.
  • First aid kit must not be forgotten.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by applying an appropriate sunscreen. Also, make sure you drink adequate water to prevent dehydration.
  • Make sure you wear shoes that prevent slipping.
  • Wear lightweight garments and always have your life jacket on.

Say No to Alcohol

A very obvious prevention is not to be drunk when you go for fishing. Alcohol takes over the cerebellum region of your brain and impairs your judgment.  Also, in case of injury, alcohol reduces the chances of your survival drastically.

Check out your equipment

Make sure you have proper equipment to do fishing in UAE.

  • Have a secure hook.
  • Cover the hooks when not in use or simply remove them and store in a safe place.
  • Make sure you have no one around for at least a 10m distance.
  • Try using non-lead alternatives. Lead can be very dangerous if consumed by young children. Make sure they are not anywhere near the to the kids.

Check the Weather

One important thing to consider is an appropriate weather. Do not go out unless you are sure that it is going to be a sunny day with little wind. Updated information about the weather conditions of the day by an authorized checker is mandatory. Weather can play havoc with your fishing trip if you are not careful enough.

For different kinds of fishing, there are a set of safety rules to be followed. For example:

  • If you are rock fishing, never wear waders. Make sure you check out all the secure footholds and stay away from edges you could slip from. Stay away from the sea. Also, do not forget to wear a life jacket.
  • In the case of surf fishing, firstly learn how to read the surf and do not enter rips.
  • For boat fishing, have a properly serviced boat. Checking fuel levels is also important.

Prevention is always better than cure. Fishing is fun, but you would not love getting injured. Would you? It is, therefore, necessary that you keep all these safety reminders in mind. Stop fishing immediately, if you receive any injury and have proper medical treatment.