Going on vacation isn’t necessarily enough. There are plenty of people with stories of going on a camping trip, a road trip, or a vacation of some other kind that ended up being a stressful nightmare instead of the awesome memory making experience that re-charges the batteries. Whether you can get on the road for a long trip or only get away for a short while, here are 10 easy ways to help you feel like you’re truly on a vacation so you can get your RV rental and go!

10 Easy Ways That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re On A Vacay

#1: Focus on your definition of enjoyable.

There’s no denying TV, travel sites, and a thousand other resources tell us the beach is an appealing place to go – but what if you prefer silence and mid 70 degree weather? For other people investing in an RV rental, setting it up as camp, and day hiking where there’s no cell phone or Internet reception is a slice of heaven. Other people think that sounds like the other place.

Don’t let people tell you what’s relaxing – trust your instincts.

#2: Re-connect with nature for a bit – even if it’s not usually your thing.

The number of scientific studies that show getting out to nature is great for de-stressing and re-setting are numerous. We weren’t meant to be surrounded by unnatural light 24/7 and in homes and buildings. Even if you’re not a conventional outdoor person even taken a few half hour walks, or making it a point to visit a park or two can do amazing things to help you feel like you’re really on a vacation.

#3: Disconnect from work or work-like activities.

If you type on a computer 8 hours a day, then scan the Internet at home for hours at a time before watching Netflix, then you don’t want a vacation with screens. Give yourself a clean break from whatever you do for work so you can really feel like you’re on vacation whether at home or on the road. Even a few days away from the normal flow of things can make you feel like you’re a new person.

#4: Take time for the little celebrations.

While it’s great to plan for big trips, and these can be amazing memory making events, so often some of the best times are just little celebrations. Are you listening to a great acoustic singer or cover band when you stop for lunch? Why not stay longer? In the mood for a certain type of food? Go find something that sounds delicious.

The little celebrations really do build up and set the tone.

#5: Focus on what you can do – not what you can’t.

This is a huge one. We all have once in a lifetime trips we think of, but sometimes that trip has to be a bit more in the distance. Don’t think about the things you’ll regret: the shows you can’t miss or the places you can’t top. Why dwell on the negatives? Focus on all the good food, drinks, the neat little stops or the little unexpected joys. This is another way of saying focus on the good because that will make you enjoy it all the more. This is advice that works great in all parts of life!

#6: Try something new.

Nothing yells vacation like “new.” Try a new restaurant. Visit a new bar, bookstore, or coffee shop. Look around for outdoor activities or other types of entertainment that you haven’t entertained before. Trying something new will only help further expand your horizons and feel like you are truly on vacation.

#7: Follow that little “We should try that!” voice.

Too often while growing up we’re taught to be less impetuous or to ignore that voice encouraging new things while being restrained instead. The thing is, when you get that little bit of excitement, there’s a reason for it. Don’t talk yourself out of it, especially when you’re on vacation! Your inner self knows the adventure that you’re actually excited to go on.

#8: Small scenery changes make all the difference.

If you’re going someplace you go to quite often, then it’s going to be really hard to feel like you’re on vacation as opposed to just the normal same old, same old. Small scenery changes can make an incredible amount of difference. Take a mini-break even while on vacation by exploring for a little change of scenery.

#9: Don’t underestimate the power of your imagination.

Take some time to build mental excitement. Think about the joys of traveling, of getting away for a solid sunset or great past vacations to get you revved up for the next one. Some people love looking at great travel pictures online or top ten travel lists just to get those traveling juices flowing.

#10: Look to local or exotic food.

Depending on where you’re going you may find great local foods there that are different than what you’re used to, or maybe there’s a great local ethnic food restaurant that can introduce you to a new type of food. Either way, few things really set up a vacation like food, so let your stomach lead you!

In Summary

When it comes to really feeling like you are on vacation even some small changes can make a huge difference. This list should help you to start with your RV rental and go right into feeling more relaxed and on vacation by the moment so you can get the absolute most out of your time traveling!