Brisbane Airport is the major hub of air transport for the state of Queensland and the third-busiest airport in Australia. Some 25 million travelers from all across the continent and from around the world are expected to be transported on Brisbane Airport’s many domestic and international flights in the year 2015.

The Best Way To Get To and From Brisbane Airport

Big-airport Conveniences Give Rise to Big-airport Complications

While, on the one hand, it is a great convenience to have access to a major airport, the privilege brings with it unfortunate concomitant problems. Chief among these is the congestion level that constantly swells the airport premises and the surrounding area. Traffic increases in volume and intensity, and it often gets backed up or slowed down.

The second main problem that arises is that of parking. With thousands upon thousands of motorists seeking a parking spot at all hours of the day and night, it can be an unpleasant and time-consuming task to locate one. Additionally, you can expect to be charged a relatively expensive fee for the privilege of parking your car on airport premises.

Both the traffic and parking challenges are heightened yet further by the fact that the threat of missing your flight is always looming over you. You don’t have time to waste. Thus, you must reach the airport earlier than would otherwise be necessary in order to guard yourself against missing your flight due to traffic congestion and parking-space competition.

Improvements That Fall Short of Solutions

Despite the highly welcome and smartly done Airport Link Project, Brisbane Airport traffic is still a notable obstacle. An eight-kilometer (five-mile) long tunnel and the Airport Flyover, which zooms you right over 16 traffic lights, are laudable improvements. They seem to fall short, however, of eliminating the problem.

Brisbane Airport has a 9,000 car parking lot, which gives you the possibility of parking on-site. Getting to the airport, securing a suitable parking spot, and doing it all in a minimal amount of time, however, are easier said than done.

Two light rail links connect up with the Brisbane Airport, one to the international terminal and one to the domestic terminal. These are quite crowded and do not necessarily make it easy to bring the amount of luggage you would like, however. Bus lines also tend to limit luggage space and to give you a less than pleasant drive. Taxis can be quite expensive if you need to go a good distance across town. Airport mini van services may do well for groups of 10 to 50, but what about only one to five people?

The Solution That Makes Sense and Saves You Time and Money

Brisbane Airport Parking garages are, in many circumstances, the best possible solution. You can book your parking space or spaces well in advance. You can book online or over the phone. The garage will likely be located far enough out from the airport to avoid the worst of the traffic but close enough to get you there in only a few short minutes.

An airport shuttle bus, normally complementary, will be able to take you to any terminal no matter what your schedule. The drivers will be experienced and will have clean records. The shuttle buses are usually padded with extremely comfortable seat cushions, and the air conditioning will keep you cool all the way to the airport. Plenty of room for your luggage is standard. Why not let the experts handle the traffic while you relax and enjoy the ride?

Brisbane Airport Parking facilities also normally offer 24/7 security services to keep your vehicle safe. Additionally, there are often “extra” services you can opt for like car washes, car cleaning and detailing, minor repairs, and even major repair work. Many of these parking garages hire professional mechanics who can work on your car right inside the parking complex. This saves you an extra trip to the mechanics’ shop when you return.

You can expect to get to the airport in less time and with less hassle when you choose to use a parking facility that services Brisbane Airport. While the fees will vary from establishment to establishment, you can generally get a very reasonable price. Both short and long term arrangements are possible, and you can have the airport shuttle pick you up at the airport when you return if you inform them of your schedule. While there are a few exceptional circumstances that might make another method preferable, in most cases, the best way to plan your tip to and from Brisbane Airport is to use a professional parking garage.


To escape the traffic, retain the level of luggage you desire, and avoid scheduling problems, you can hardly do better than to use a professional parking garage near Brisbane Airport. The parking and shuttle bus services they offer are a convenient solution to a common problem.