Traveling on a budget requires a lot of prudence in your spending. And it is also based on how much information you have. First of all, a lot of people waste money on pre-travel purchases. You need to start cutting cost from your preparation. Make sure you make purchases if and only if you will really need them and there are no alternatives. In other words, buy only what is necessary. The booby trap here is that you will be buying them in bits and before you realize it, you would have spent a large chunk of your budget.

A Travellers Guide To Exploring The South East Of England On A Budget

If you can help it, do not travel to anywhere within England or within the whole of Europe during summer. A lot of people travel about this period. This always leads to a big hike in the cost of transportation, accommodation and other travel related services. The airfare may even double in price especially if you do not book through any travel agent.

Do not book your accommodation online. You will end up paying for luxury accommodation, even if you go through online travel agents. There are several cheap countryside inns and guest houses that you may not find online. Besides, you can even negotiate their prices further when you get there. When it comes to budget travel, it is better to negotiate in person.

There are a whole lot of cheap bed and breakfast outfits within the countryside towns in the south eastern part of England. The difference is that you may have to do without all the addition luxurious facilities these expensive hotels offer. This is about budget travel, so lack of luxury should not be an issue.

Another way to save a lot of money is by staying away from expensive restaurants where you pay through your nose. You can look for a grocery store or even a local market where you can get cheap but good meals at a ridiculously low prices. You can never imagine how much you can save this way. Remember, you are likely to spend several days and you definitely will take more than one meal in a day. Imagine how much you will save on meals alone. Besides, you can even by some grocery and make some sandwiches for an outdoor meal. It saves some money further.

You have to plan your travel very well to save a lot of cost. Since you will need to move around during your vacation and the more places you visit, the more money it will cost, you have to reduce the number of places you intend to visit. Apart from that, you need to also look into your mode of transportation within the region. Of the four major means of transportation, road and water are the cheapest. Travelling by rail is a little more expensive while traveling by air is the most expensive.

The most appropriate choice should be between road and water. But road is better because it is faster and it offers more flexibility and variety on the routes. Apart from that it offers better touristic views you will pass through several unknown but touristic countryside medieval buildings that will amaze you.

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