Colorado has the rich diversity of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Intermontane Basin and Colorado Plateau. It boasts of rich geography ranging from mountains to canyons to deserts to lush green forests. The fast growing and highly populated city of Denver is the capital of Colorado State.

The state houses several natural wonders which are big tourist attractions. Pikes Peak, Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado Springs, Dinosaur Monument, Bent’s Fort and Denver Park are few spots to keep in one’s list while visiting Colorado. Keep in mind Colorado has some COLD weather, be sure to bring some really warm clothes, here are some reviews of ski jackets and reviews of ski gloves.

Top 5 Places In Ski Colorado

Speaking of the great mountains of Colorado, which are top destinations for skiers, here is a list of few of the best Colorado Ski Resorts:

  1. Snowmass Ski Resort:

A holiday here would be a four-in-one treat for tourists with the terrain in between Aspen highlands, Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Mountains. This resort has a 3362 acres skiable area. It is one of the best of Colorado’s ski resorts thanks to its terrain, which is suitable for all levels of skiers. The Snowmass village is overall well developed, catering to all the facilities required for the tourists. This is one of the most family friendly resorts in Colorado. In particular it has a lot of kids’ friendly attractions and houses the famous Treehouse Kids Adventure Centre.

  1. Copper Mountain Ski Resort:

The ski resort situated on what was once a copper mine, has a skiable area of 2465 acres and an average annual snowfall of 310 inches. This resort with all its amenities is a perfect vacation spot. Thanks to its terrain, this is among the top choices for beginner level skiers. While visiting the Copper Mountain, one must definitely try the sleigh rides, tubing and tours on snowmobile. The accommodations are available in the villages which are purpose built. There are lodgings at different terrains for different levels of skiers

  1. Powderhorn Ski Resorts:

This is one of the less crowded resorts, perfect for a less expensive family ski-vacation. It has a skiable area of over 1600 acres and the average annual snowfall is close to 250 inches. This resort is located at the scenic junction between the desert and the mountain. Accommodations on the hills are limited. The overall expenses for all the activities in this resort are pretty inexpensive.

  1. Steamboat Resort:

This Northwest Colorado Resort has a skiable area of 2965 acres and average snowfall of 400 inches. This large resort is the best place for intermediate skiers. Accommodations are available in the very friendly town of Steamboat Springs, a town of cowboys.

  1. Vail Resorts:

With a huge skiable area of 5289 acres, it has an average snowfall of 370 inches. When one thinks of the best ski resorts in the world, Vail is definitely on the list. The lodging options on-hill is limitless. The many activities to try at the Vail are an added advantage. From sleigh rides to restaurants, shopping, nightlife, galleries Vail has everything to make it a perfect full-package family vacation.