As you observe that your skin has red rashes, itchy spots or blisters in the morning, don’t panic, it is the indication that you have bed bugs in the home. Bed bugs are little tiny creatures that can infest your bed frames, seams of your mattress, headboards, and box springs. It can become a challenging task to eliminate bed bugs because they can be hardly detected. Their rate of multiplication is very rapid. Don’t wait, kill them as soon as possible because they can spread to other areas of the house thus posing a big problem. You can opt for some home remedies to do away with them as listed below.

 They Prey On You During Night

  • Use Bean Leaves

Using bean leaves is a traditional Balkan method to trap bed bugs. Spread some bean leaves on the floor of your room where you suspect the presence of bugs. This will arrest the bugs that are in the infested area. These leaves have trichomes or microscopic hairs on their surface which they use to destroy bugs. The presence of microscopic hairs on the surface of leaves pierce the feet of the bug thus trap them. Researchers have found it to be an effective method of bug elimination. Regular practice of keeping them can help to get permanent relief from these bugs also.

  • Indian Lilac leaves

Crush a handful of Indian lilac leaves and spread them on the surface floor of the infested quarter. By the antimicrobial properties and smell of these leaves, effective eradication of bed bugs is caused.

Other option is to boil some of these leaves in water for about ten minutes. Strain the solution and take a bath with the solution. It does twin benefit by treating infected skin and by keeping bugs at bay from you. Sprinkle Indian lilac oil on all stuff to keep bugs away.

  • Tea Tree Oil treatment

It is one of the wonderful, indispensable oils that have got antimicrobial properties. Moreover, the antibacterial effects assist you in getting rid of all kinds of microbes, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Clean your home with this oil or add the oil to your clothes and other affected areas. Make a solution of this oil and spread it on carpets, walls, furniture, beds, drapes, cupboards, mattress, clothes, and linens. Repeat this process every week.

  • Thyme stick

It has got antimicrobial properties that are helpful in eliminating bed bugs. Tie to the thyme stick a cotton cloth. Burn it in the vicinity of the infested areas of rooms and other parts of the house in order to do away with bugs. You can use thyme leaves also. Place them in a net bag and place these bags in the corners, mattress, under the sofa, beneath the cushions, cupboards and other areas of suspicion.

  • Essential Oils

To a cup add a few drops of rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils. Make a spray of this mixture on bugs and infested areas. It will kill the bed bugs. In addition to tree oil, cedar oil, and oregano oil are very effective. These oils choke the bed bugs.