More than half of the populations resists a dental visit because of the fear of being prescribed with a Root Canal treatment. Many surveys have found out that the main reason of this resistance is not because of their own experience, but due to the narration of someone else.

These days, there are many sources which can provide you misleading and inaccurate information. Trusting these myths and making yourself suffer is not a good idea.

Here are 5 common myths about Root Canal Treatments which you should avoid.

5 Common Myths Of Root Canal Treatment

1. If there is no pain, you do not need a Root Canal

Many damaged teeth do not cause pain, but it does not mean that Root Canal treatment is not required. If you are prescribed a RCT (Root Canal Treatment) by your Dentists and endodontists, it would signify that your tooth pulp is damaged and infected. Even if the tooth does not hurt, it can be dangerous as the infection can spread all over the mouth.

If unattended, a “pimple” like substance called fistula can be formed near the damaged teeth. It is actually a tunnel of tissues which drains pus from an infection. You do not feel the pain as the fistula keeps pressure from building in the tissue. These kind of infections can come often, thus it needs to be treated with a Root Canal Treatment for long term relief.

2. The pain of a Root Canal Treatment is Unbearable

Well, the reality is opposite to what you have always heard about a Root Canal Treatment.

It does not increase the pain but helps you to reduce the persistent pain in your tooth. Yes, ages ago when there was probably less technological advancement as compared to now, it used to be painful, but with advancement in technology and anesthetics, the treatment has become much more comfortable.

It is only when you experience it that you will realise that the pain of a Root Canal Treatment is much lower than the pain that you survive each day with the damaged tooth.

3. Extraction is way better than a Root Canal Treatment

No artificial tooth can function the same as your natural tooth. When you prefer extraction over a Root Canal treatment, you will have to replace your original teeth with an artificial one. These artificial teeth requires a lot of care and precautions.

It is important to take good care of your teeth following adequate cycles of maintenance. Root Canal is an effective way to treat the damaged pulp, it is also less expensive as compared to extraction or placement of a bridge or an implant.

4. Root Canal Treatments can cause illness

Almost a century old study brought this myth and it is stilling managing to survive. In the 1920s, a misleading study brought this myth into light, it was later realised that the objective of this study was only to promote extractions. Till date, this study cannot be verified. The Root Canal Treatment is safe and effective, they help you to remove the bacteria from the infected roots improving your oral and overall health

5. Root Canal Treatment provides temporary relief

There is no doubt to the fact that the benefits provided by a Root Canal Treatment are long lasting and very effective. It helps you to reduce the toothache and improves the condition of damaged teeth. A well-fit crown and good oral health practices can ensure lifetime benefits to your teeth.

There are a lot of easily approachable and false facts about Root Canal Treatment. It is always a good practice to consult a doctor and share your issues. No one can guide you better than your dental expert for your oral worries. Thus, if you feel that you are living with a pain of damaged tooth, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible.

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