Scissor lifts are important machines that work the same way as ladders, only these are mechanized. You use them to lift heavy things up to any height ranging from 10 to 60 feet. Scissor lifts are also called aerial work platforms, mobile elevated work platforms, or elevated work platforms.

What Are Scissor Lifts and Why Should You Rent Them

Read on for more information about scissor lifts and why you should rent them.

How Scissor Lifts Work

Their name basically comes from their appearance. They come with a huge platform attached to hinged struts that look like a couple of linked scissors hence the name scissor lifts.

With a simple press of a button, the struts expand upward, bringing you up securely. You can also bring stuff with you. Just be careful with the weight since scissor lifts have a maximum load capacity.

Why Use Scissor Lifts

There are three things that are advantageous when you use scissor lifts.

  • Safety. Unlike ladders which can be unstable at times, scissor lifts are securely mounted on the struts so there is no danger of toppling over. The lifts also come with either a safety harness or cable.
  • Mobility. Since they have a wide platform for a top, you can do more things since you can move around more freely. Off-road versions are built even wider to cover more distance while working in high places.
  • Efficiency. You can definitely save more time when you work using scissor lifts.  You don’t have to move them from one place to another since they cover more distance compared to a regular ladder or scaffolding. You also don’t have to put in too much effort clambering up and down since they are fully automated.

Where to Use Them

Scissor lifts can be used practically anywhere that needs working in certain heights.  Smaller indoor ones can be used for stocking purposes in grocery stores. Bigger off-road ones can carry heavy equipment to the second or third floor depending on the lifts’ height capacity. Whether on a small scale or a grand scale operation, scissor lifts are highly dependable machines guaranteed to help you do the job fast and easy.

Why Rent?

To rent or buy, that is the question. Here’s a quick rundown of why you should rent scissor lifts instead of buying them.

  • You would need a large and secure space that can accommodate the machines’ storage. Just imagine if you would need more than one scissor lift at one time. Do you have enough space to store them properly?
  • Just like any other machine, scissor lifts can bog down any time.  Do you have the expertise and manpower to fix them when repair is needed?
  • This might be the final deal breaker. The going rate of a brand-new scissor lift would cost you no less the $10,000. Renting will cost you just a fraction of that, maintenance included. The longer the rental duration, the lower the rate will be so it would definitely be the more practical way to go.

From building maintenance to indoor retailing, scissor lifts provide the best comfort and safety while working at any height. Having them will definitely make the job a lot quicker with utmost priority given to the security of the workers operating the machine. Now that you know what scissor lifts are and why you should rent them, it’s time to contact us and explore your scissor lift rental options.