As per the data of the World Health Organization around seventy six million people throughout the world experience diseases, the cause of which is often found to be deep seated alcohol abuse. The effect of alcohol abuse on health can be quite drastic, and intervention at the right time is necessary to avert unpleasant consequences. The most common effect of alcohol consumption is the feeling of being intoxicated. Many cases of road accidents have taken place, because of intoxication. The health of a person suffers terrible harm through alcohol. Here are some of the implications of alcohol abuse on the health of a person.

Weight Gain

The presence of sugar in alcoholic drinks has the propensity to induce weight gain. Alcohol has a high calorie content, which naturally makes people gain weight. People consuming alcohol gain weight is because of the fact that they develop a tendency to consume most amount of food. Alcohol can produce cravings for food at odd hours and weight gain is its most common effect.

Liver Diseases

Alcohol abuse can do a lot of damage to the liver, which can hardly be cured. Liver cancer and liver cirrhosis are some of the most common outcomes of alcohol abuse.


The eyes can tell the tale of alcohol abuse, as they tend to turn red with excessive alcohol consumption. At times, the eyes can turn a bit yellowish in color, which signifies that person is suffering from a certain kind of liver disease cause due to alcohol abuse.

Brain Damage

The brain goes through a lot changes due to the effects of alcohol, in the long run. Functions of the brain, such as decision making, controlling of impulse, it gets hindered with alcohol abuse. The cells of the brain can also get damaged in the long run, which can result in memory loss and disturbed patterns of sleep.


It has been noticed that people who consume abnormal amounts of alcohol regularly have wrinkled skin. This happens mainly because alcohol causes dehydration in the body. Alcohol also widens the capillaries, which eventually gets broken. Hence, one can often notice redness on a person’s face, who is a heavy drinker.

Heart Diseases

There are reports that have proven that when alcohol is consumed in moderate amounts then it can prove to be good for the body. But when a person starts to consume in abnormal quantities, then it can take a toll on the health of the heart. High blood pressure, stroke and various other heart diseases can occur with alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can affect the psychological health of a person as well. The signs of such diseases might seem subtle in the beginning, but gradually it will start affecting a person’s personal and professional life. It can be quite difficult for a person with a drinking problem to understand that the fact that he is in need of immediate help. Interventions for such people are necessary so that they can realize that their health can deteriorate a lot, if alcohol consumption is not controlled on time.